August 30, 2005


Michael Jackosn's here. If you care. I don't, but the whole thing struck me as rather funny.

Will he call his new home "Scheherazadeland"?

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Back to School Thursday!!!!

The Monkey starts first grade; she is so excited! There was a program for her tonight in school and she was quite happy and thrilled with what went on. Her teacher seems like a real winner; but we still don't have all the books yet!!!! Arggggggggghhhhhhh...

The Artist is feeling much more confident with her Hebrew. The box has helped. We are however getting rid of the satellite soon, so I made dh promise he would purchase some Hebrew movies and such for the girls. I'm hoping the teachers push her a bit more next year. She can do it, but it just takes her awhile to build up her courage.

Me, until I end up with a job I'll be alone at home for a good couple of hours.


It has been awhile.

Okay, I'll have the incontinent dog. But I'll also have some peace and quiet.

Yeah I know. Within two weeks I'll be bored out of my ever loving mind, but oh those two weeks!!!!

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August 28, 2005

Didn't take long did it.

This morning. via Ynet.

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August 25, 2005

Maybe They Should Call in Superman

I wonder, really wonder, how anyone could sit down and write this article up

via IF YOU WILL IT see his post and the comments. This is just too funny people. Sad, but funny.

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Two Sons in the Israeli Army Now

No, I'm not doing the happy dance. I did hear from The Agent and everything is fine so far, typical army life with people barking orders at you to do weird and apparently useless things.

They are good kids my boys. I pray for them.

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A Beautiful Story

There is a lot of saddness in Israel now, not only because of the disenegagment, but because of the death of a young British tourist, a Yeshiva student who was to wed in about three months time.

But right now I want to focus on the beautiful. This story made me cry.

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I'm Back!!!!!

For those who noticed I have been gone. The MuNu server was quite ill. But it made it and now we are back and running.

Elizabeth asked where the best place to donate money for those who were expelled from Gush Katif. I am looking into the matter, but the best source of information at this point is

I know of no government agency at this point. Everything is being done by volunteers. I have placed a message on the Gush Katif list and will relay an address, if there is one, as soon as I get an answer.

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August 22, 2005

Other Voicees

Meira links to an Honest Reporting article showing why Gaza isn't the only story worth reporting on in this region.

and Batya of Shilo-Musings cries THIEF!

Hatshepsut takes a quick but serious quiz. Good to know what you don't know!

Esther of Outside the Blogway takes on an NPR reporter.

While SoccerDad takes on the NYT and Washington Post.

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The Beginings Of Peace

From YNET (the scrolling news)

Palestinians fire at IDF post in Gush Katif

Palestinians fired at an IDF post near the settlement of Tel Katifa in Gush Katif. No injuries or damage were reported. (Ynetnews)

Molotov cocktails thrown at Israeli vehicles in Ramallah

Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at Israeli vehicles north east of Ramallah, and a burning tire was thrown at an IDF force in the area. No injuries or damage has been reported. (Efrat Weiss)

Well at leat the Palestinian version of peace.

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August 21, 2005


I've been trying to reach you via your cellphone but the connection isn't being made. I don't know if I copied your number down incorrectly or what. But if you see this, give me a ring!!!!

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And Now A Word From My DH

Introducing my husband, Tzvi, who does have important things to say.

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Interesting Tidbit

From Jerusalem Post.

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Where Is My Head?

The disengagement has rocked many, even I would say many of those who were pro-disengagment. The sight of women and children, of men in tallis (prayer shawls) and Tefillin, being dragged away from the homes they have cared for and loved for many years could not but bring tears to anyone but the most hard-hearted. What as when columnist asked, had these people done wrong?

These settlers, now refugees, did all they could to save their homes from being turned to the terrorist who murdered and maimed their families, who have sought their deaths almost daily, who still threaten us from their Mosques and from their offices. Abu Mazen, given this gesture of peace, responds with more words of war. Did we expect less?

The question for all right now is what is our next step? The settlers need, in some cases the most basic of supplies. The government, despite all their assurances of preparedness, were not prepared for the day after. (and here as wellht Engage for a Secure Israel.) I was on hand, by the way, to greet the refugees from Netzer Hazani. I was amazed by their strength and fortitude. These are strong people, much stronger than I warrant 90% of us would be, forced from their homes, and told they would be divided up by the government.

The refugees are in need; I doubt if the UN will extend a willing and loving hand. The first part of the next step is to help these brave souls restablish their lives and their communities. Anyone wishing to help should follow this link to the listed number (which may require an additional international code if you are from outside Israel, I'm not sure.) There is also a group set up for helping the vicitims of the expulsion.

This is not the time for politics. If giving emotional support just listen. Adopt the attitude of the doctor who operated on President Regean when he was shot "Today we are all Republicans' Today, be with the settler-refugees.

But along with financial and emotional support to the refugees what can we do?
These are my suggestions.

Turn inward toward oneself. What is it that "I" am doing that needs to be corrected? How can "I" become a better person. Regardless of the level of one's observance, or one's religion, there are always ways to become a better person. Reach out in love to the person next to you, to the person in pain, or in financial distress. Withhold your anger, or give more in charity, just look within and decide where one personally can improve to make the world better. Do not, I suggest, worry and concern oneself with the faults of another.

Pray; turn to G-d. He is and has always been our only true salvation. However painful this is I know that G-d is with us, and while I may not understand, how could I? His reasoning, I put my trust and faith in him. As loyal readers know I had been working for a caterer, a good woman, a wonderful boss, but the job proved too much for my health. But there is much to give thanks to G-d for this job; first, I met and befriended a great number of wonderful people, my boss and coworkers. Secondly, I gained the courage to go out on my own and seek work, find my way around. While that may sound silly to some, I have been nervous about doing so till now. Realize that at heart I'm a home and family gal, and don't like to venture all that often from my home-turf. Thirdly it put me in greater touch with G-d. Rising early in the quiet of the morning, I found myself with more time to daven, and turned to G-d not only in thanks for this opportunity but for strength to do what I needed.

Similarly, however the outward appearance of the situation strikes us, G-d has not forsaken us. G-d has a plan, and I believe the good of the plan will, hopefully soon, become manifest in the eyes of all. That does not take away from the evil Sharon has done, but I put my faith in G-d.

Do not despair, do not give up hope. The people of Gush Katif have not.

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August 15, 2005

If You Want to REALLY Know What is Happening in Gush Katif

Go here.

I don't know which of these stories tears at me more. Is it Noga Cohen. whose children were left amputees by a terrorist, who tries to calm another mom of 6 after she threatens to kill herself?

A mother who refuses to leave her son's memories behind ? Who is begging to have his room moved as it is?

Has has Sharon's heart hardened so much? Does he honestly think this is the best thing he could do for Israel?
The prayer ceremony at the cemetary, which caused one photographer to break down in tears?

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August 10, 2005

At The Kotel

Praying for our brothers and sisters in Gush Katif, that the disengagement won't go through. Look at the numbers of people who are there, and remember, you aren't seeing everyone.

I have been so out of it I didn't even know this was happening till now.

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Job Stuff

First I would really like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and suggestions.

Second of all I want to repeat something: I LOVE MY BOSS. Actually, I love everyone down there. The job is too much for me, but probably not for a stronger person. My boss(es) have asked me to slow down, do less. It is the drive in me that prevents it; I just won't let things rest. I am also just not cut out for this type of work. The moist air, the hours that I'm outside, are all contributing to my broncitis. I need a less physical job.

I do hate to leave them; because everyone is so wonderful, open, friendly and fun to be with. I would give this job to my best friend (if I thought she could handle the work.)

An ideal job would have this group of people transported to a bookstore; I was going to say library but that would mean we would all have to shut up and not joke around and I doubt if any of us could do that.

So please, don't get angry at my bosses. They are caring people. The problem is I'm not strong enough, not that they are too demanding.

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August 05, 2005

Okay, So Advise Me

I don't know that I can do this job. I'm physically and psychologicallly wiped.
My boss and coworkers are great people. My boss is always urging me to drink and to rest. But I don't see how I can do that.

I'm the dishwasher right? There's me, and this one other guy who works in the dairy section. He's suppose to do the dairy dishes, but he spots me as well. When i get to work at 7:15 there are already several people cooking; they've been there for about 15 minutes sometimes more. There are also dishes waiting; containers and such from whatever event went on the night before. Often these are part full of leftover food and I need to empty them as well. Then there are whatever there is left over from whoever was still cooking before I left to go home at 4:15 or whenever...I've worked till 5 and there are still sometimes people in the kitchen or who are leaving the kitchen at the same time I am, so if they've just finished and are giving me all the utensils and cutting boards and whatnot that they have used up till that point to cook, as well as whatever was forgotten in the kitchen from earlier use, of course there is always a pile waiting for me and a pile that continues to build during the day as people keep cooking.

I just can't keep up. I can't take much of a break because it isn't as if there is one or two people in the kitchen who are working and then they have a break so nothing else builds up. There are always people cooking, cutting, preping food, cleaning food and this means knives, cutting boards, peelers, bakery items, pans that they used for know the kind that they serve food from at banquets and such? Well theycook things in these pans and they need to be cleaned.

And sometimes I work in the ktichen as well so stuff builds up from what I'm doing.

Yesterday soon after I came to work the guy took over and I went into the kitchen to work. I stirred onions and leeks, I sitrred rice to keep it from burning...these are all in cannibal size pots and pans mind you. I cleaned windows, the bottom of a fridge, the walls in the bakery, the sink in the bakery, peeled, with help, 15 kilos of pottatos. Diced them in a machine. Peeled and cubed onions (by hand). Pulled dill from the stalks. Then I went back to dishes (at about 3:45. By that time there was a pile built up again. And when I started more containers from some event came in. So I get through a lot of those and then more stuff came in from the bakery, more stuff from the kitchen, two big pots that I finally said I couldn't do because I can barely managed to lift them truthfully, and the only way I could reach in and wash them was by bending over them to clean them.

I'm out of breath. There is a rash that extends down both arms from the cleanser or the dishwashing liquid or both. I barely eat. I'm shaky. I come home and can barely do anything.

But we need the money. I don't know what to do. I need some good advice.

If I had another job, less physical and closer to home, even for less hours, I'd give two weeks notice and quit.

But I don't have.

I am working 9 hour days, leave the house at 6 and don't get home till 6:30...because of buses and everything.

What should I do?

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August 01, 2005

I Guess I'm Looking Old

Some young woman on the bus tapped me on the shoulder and showed me where I could find a seat.

I was thankful though. I'm on my feet almost the whole day, and my day is a long one. I leave the house at about 6 and didn't get home today till 6:30....

In case you were wondering where I've been...I've been too tired to blog.

Now that's tired.

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