August 30, 2005


Michael Jackosn's here. If you care. I don't, but the whole thing struck me as rather funny.

Will he call his new home "Scheherazadeland"?

Posted by Rachel Ann at August 30, 2005 09:12 PM | TrackBack

Just when you think you may have seen it all eh? The strangest of the strange...well, they won't find it so odd what he likes to do with young boys there, from books I have read. In fact, hubby was seeking a job in S.Arabia once long ago, till I read up on the place. We realized our daughters might be safe, but not so our son!!
Well, he seems to have found his place to belong anyway! Most of America won't miss him!

Posted by: Elizabeth at September 1, 2005 03:16 AM

I know I won't miss him!

Posted by: esther at September 1, 2005 05:08 PM

They can have the freak.

Posted by: Mark at September 2, 2005 06:12 AM

Hey, dropped by to check out your really neato blog here!!!

I've been to Dubai - its like a totally modern and utterly luxury-centered place. The place is like a resort-paradise for the rich, and a LOT of worldwide stars are buying property etc. there.

Its a real trippy contrast between the poverty of some areas in the Middle East and then the utter wealth of Dubai!
~ Ben (from Purple Ink)

Posted by: Ben at September 4, 2005 07:54 PM
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