August 21, 2005

Where Is My Head?

The disengagement has rocked many, even I would say many of those who were pro-disengagment. The sight of women and children, of men in tallis (prayer shawls) and Tefillin, being dragged away from the homes they have cared for and loved for many years could not but bring tears to anyone but the most hard-hearted. What as when columnist asked, had these people done wrong?

These settlers, now refugees, did all they could to save their homes from being turned to the terrorist who murdered and maimed their families, who have sought their deaths almost daily, who still threaten us from their Mosques and from their offices. Abu Mazen, given this gesture of peace, responds with more words of war. Did we expect less?

The question for all right now is what is our next step? The settlers need, in some cases the most basic of supplies. The government, despite all their assurances of preparedness, were not prepared for the day after. (and here as wellht Engage for a Secure Israel.) I was on hand, by the way, to greet the refugees from Netzer Hazani. I was amazed by their strength and fortitude. These are strong people, much stronger than I warrant 90% of us would be, forced from their homes, and told they would be divided up by the government.

The refugees are in need; I doubt if the UN will extend a willing and loving hand. The first part of the next step is to help these brave souls restablish their lives and their communities. Anyone wishing to help should follow this link to the listed number (which may require an additional international code if you are from outside Israel, I'm not sure.) There is also a group set up for helping the vicitims of the expulsion.

This is not the time for politics. If giving emotional support just listen. Adopt the attitude of the doctor who operated on President Regean when he was shot "Today we are all Republicans' Today, be with the settler-refugees.

But along with financial and emotional support to the refugees what can we do?
These are my suggestions.

Turn inward toward oneself. What is it that "I" am doing that needs to be corrected? How can "I" become a better person. Regardless of the level of one's observance, or one's religion, there are always ways to become a better person. Reach out in love to the person next to you, to the person in pain, or in financial distress. Withhold your anger, or give more in charity, just look within and decide where one personally can improve to make the world better. Do not, I suggest, worry and concern oneself with the faults of another.

Pray; turn to G-d. He is and has always been our only true salvation. However painful this is I know that G-d is with us, and while I may not understand, how could I? His reasoning, I put my trust and faith in him. As loyal readers know I had been working for a caterer, a good woman, a wonderful boss, but the job proved too much for my health. But there is much to give thanks to G-d for this job; first, I met and befriended a great number of wonderful people, my boss and coworkers. Secondly, I gained the courage to go out on my own and seek work, find my way around. While that may sound silly to some, I have been nervous about doing so till now. Realize that at heart I'm a home and family gal, and don't like to venture all that often from my home-turf. Thirdly it put me in greater touch with G-d. Rising early in the quiet of the morning, I found myself with more time to daven, and turned to G-d not only in thanks for this opportunity but for strength to do what I needed.

Similarly, however the outward appearance of the situation strikes us, G-d has not forsaken us. G-d has a plan, and I believe the good of the plan will, hopefully soon, become manifest in the eyes of all. That does not take away from the evil Sharon has done, but I put my faith in G-d.

Do not despair, do not give up hope. The people of Gush Katif have not.

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This was a beautiful post, Rachel Ann. Just beautiful. Thank you for inspiring me.

Posted by: esther at August 22, 2005 01:31 AM

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We were wondering how and where we might help...the one link is not working as to a group that is setting up to help those ousted from Gaza, by the way.

Posted by: Elizabeth at August 22, 2005 02:00 PM

This post has been included in the very latest Heval Hevalim! Take a gander, and let the world know!

Posted by: muse at August 28, 2005 11:16 AM
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