December 06, 2005

Some People Should Just Never Leave Home

I stumbled across this.
Really, how did these people survive?

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August 30, 2005


Michael Jackosn's here. If you care. I don't, but the whole thing struck me as rather funny.

Will he call his new home "Scheherazadeland"?

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February 25, 2005

How Udderly Ridiculous

I guess she forgot her bank-book.

Cow walks into bank February 6, 2004 — The tellers at a German bank must have been shocked to look up and see a cow walk through the door.

The security cameras caught the whole thing.

Paula, the cow, walked in, made what's described as an 'elegant' turn and then walked out.

As strange as this sounds, Paula was actually on her way to a wedding when she got away and wandered into the bank. In parts of Germany, when a farmer marries, his bride milks a cow to prove she'll be helpful around the farm.

At least she will have something to contribute to the bride and groom.

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January 07, 2005

That's Love

Odd is right.

And I think they should try and introduce Mzee to the she-hippo hoped to be girlfriend of Owen. I mean, isn't one of the criterion for love that you accept the other persons friends and family? What kind of a wife would hse make if she rejects his daddy?

I think we should all write letters of protest to the zoo and stop this travesty.
OWEN HAS THE RIGHT TO MZEE!!! Everyone, come protest with me in front of the zoo this Monday.

(If you show up please lmk, as I won't be there.)

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September 21, 2004

Bad Idea; A Really Bad Idea

Please tell me this couple graduated from nowhere.

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September 10, 2004

Dog Shoots Man

This cretin got what he deserved.
Take a man, his dog, his dogs pups and a gun. What do you get? A man who thinks because he can't sell the dogs or give them away his only other choice is to SHOOT the pups.

Jerry Allen Bradford's female dog gave birth to seven puppys, such cuties! and were three months old, still unsold or wanted by anyone Brandford could find, so Brandford decided to kll them by shooting them in the head. He shot three (their bodies were found in a shallow grave) and had taken two more, one in each hand, while holding onto the gun. The dogs were wiggling and the dog in his left hand put his paws on the trigger and pulled, hitting the man in his wrist. He is facing felony animal cruelty charges. The family may be able to get the mother dog back, but the pups will be adopted. The mother and pupps are currently residing in Escambia County Animal Shelter, which I belive is in Pensacola Florida, so if you are in the area, and wanting a pup, stop and pick one of these up adorable creatures....before another storm hits (was Pensacola badly affected by the recent hurricane?)

Here's the thing; you own a dog, you own a responsibilty. NOT a play toy. Your obligation, if you don't get the dog spayed/neutered, is to take care of any dividends from dogs doing what comes naturally. Don't take on an animal, any animal, if you can't take on the responsibilty.

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September 02, 2004

Maybe I'll Climb a Mountain

But I'm not following Luree Kohtz lead. Not at 93 or ever!
More power to her though. I woonder what she'll do for her 100th birthday?

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