February 21, 2006

I'm Just Trying to Keep the Country Healthy

Men, if you don't like ties you have a good reason to not wear them. Well, if you are a doctor that is.

Ties can spread superbugs, doctors told

Doctors should stop wearing ties and traditional white coats at work because they might be responsible for spreading deadly hospital superbugs, according to a British report.

The British Medical Association (BMA), which represents 75 per cent of the country's doctors, said ties performed no beneficial function in treating patients and, as they were rarely washed, were a potential bug haven.

In Britain alone, up to 5,000 people every year are killed by hospital infections such as MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus), costing the state-funded National Health Service as much as STG1 billion ($A2.36 billion) pounds a year, the BMA said.

Washing hands properly was the most important action medical staff could take to help stop the spread of the so-called superbugs.

However other steps, such as doctors abandoning ties and other "functionless" clothing, could also help minimise the risk, said Peter Maguire, deputy chairman of the BMA's board of science.

"Hand-washing, wearing clothes that minimise the spread of infection such as clean, closely woven cotton, and stopping wearing ... functionless clothing such as ties will make a huge difference," Maguire added.

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I guess if you are in any other profession you can claim to go tieless in support.

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