February 21, 2006

Whatever Happened To Physics and Literature?

Things aren't so boring for these students.
A bit sarcastic. I suppose I could throw in snide and insipid jokes. But really it makes me so very sad that so many young Muslims have been raised to see themselves as nothing more than a weapon. I fear for my own children and the innocent world wide, but it is downright depressing to think that a generation of Muslims have been raised with such hate, with such a lack of knowledge of how they can really contribute to their people, that they would eagerly raise their hands to become bombs with the same enthusaism as if volunteering for a trip to the Bahamas .

It is depressing that being a bomb outweighs the desire to marry and have children, to write a book, lead an orchestra, develop a new product. Those are dreams.

But to kill oneself and others as a goal? Have they ever really lived?

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