October 29, 2005

Ah, the Joys of Mommyhood

There is nothing quite like the odor of vomit now is there? So much fun to clean up! Yes, like I said, nothing quite like it.

(sigh) The Artist is the one who is sick. The Monkey is rather nervous about walking to school alone tomorrow, so mom will accomapny her part way.

My alter-ego is grinning like an idiot. My alter-ego lives in a two story house, five rooms, one room completely dedicated to books. She has a creek in her backyard, a little black and white terrier, and a silver grey cat. She never has to clean up someone else's anything. She never has to put away someone else's junk. Her house always smells of laveder and citrus. She knows how to bake bread. She is neat and orderly. She is confident about aging. She is everything I am not.

Poor thing.

No one put their arms around her today and declared her the best mom in the world.

So I'll let her smile, I know who is rich.

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