October 27, 2005

And You Know Why They Kill Don't You?

Five people are killed by a terrorist bomb in an open air market in Hadera.
Three are killed by a drive by shooting in Gush Etzion

But of course it is Israel's fault. If we didn't build the security fence and stop potential murders average, good natured citizens who wouldn't hurt a fly, from coming in there wouldn't be all this nasty killing business. If we would just open up those borders a little bit like Condi wants there would be many more dead but they would just be Jewish dead so who cares things would all be so nice and peaceful like a graveyard sunshiny and happy.

And I've been thinking; maybe they are right. And maybe, just maybe we wouldn't have murders, and rapes, and thefts if people were just a little more trusting a little more willing to open their doors to any old who walking the streets. Lets shut down the prisons; an obvious start to ending crime (according to Condi and MK P.S). And, to show their unwavering support of this most logical reformation process, to become role models for peace, Condi, P.S. please invite a couple of murders/thieves and what not to your residences. Make certain to use your best silver and china, you wouldn't want them to get the idea that they aren't trustworthy now would you, and don't lock your door when you go to sleep, and if they happen to kill you or your loved ones, make certain to put the blame where it belongs. On someone else. And invite, or in your will, encourage your loved ones to invite, more such wonderful people in.

Posted by Rachel Ann at October 27, 2005 09:10 PM | TrackBack

I feel your frustration. I share your pain.

Posted by: Esther at October 28, 2005 05:20 AM

You do know you are not alone in this right? I mean there are more of us out here who think the whole stinking world has gone simply quite mad! But we are peons for the most parts...serfs. So no one cares what we think...well, SOMEONE does...but you know what I mean!

But these things must come to pass...all in order so that one of these days the Messiah is going to come and set all right, once and for all!!

Posted by: Elizabeth at October 29, 2005 06:10 AM

Rice is an over-educated idiot.

Posted by: Mark at October 29, 2005 04:14 PM

Elizabeth, I can't speak for Rachel Ann, but I for onbe, think that "all of this having to come to pass" is a crock. The Plas can stop terror anytime, and Israelis can stop being murdered. It is not some Messianic passion play. Just my opinion.

Posted by: Mark at October 29, 2005 04:16 PM

I do believe these are the times of the Moshiach; but I don't necessarily think that we can or should understand and interpret in terms of the Moshiach. I don't know why certain things have come to pass, but do know that, though all is of G-d's plan for the world, we have a duty, assigned to us by G-d to prevent negative things from occuring as much as possible. Prevent deaths, prevent illness, try to make the world a better place than we came in.

Can the Pals stop the terroristic acts of their fellow Palestinians? For the most part, yes. But there is not motive to do so when the world does no more than shake their fingers at them and then calls Israel to task for trying to protect herself.

As a Jew I feel my duty is two fold; firstly, to call attention to the double standard applied to Israel, and secondly to be a better Jew, to improve each and everyday. There is no power that can stand against the Jews when they are following Torah law. I can not make a nation better, I can only make myself better.

And I have the best cheering squad in the world, but then of course so do we all. I truly believe that G-d is up there rooting for each and everyone of us to be better human beings.

I try, a fail, I try again. It feels good to know that G-d is always there.

Part of that is stopping the violence that is perpetuated by terrorist. Obviously this issue is a bit more personal to me than another disaster or wrong would be.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at October 29, 2005 06:33 PM

Program on the emergence of civilization.

"14 species of large animals capable of domesitcation in the history of mankind.
13 from Europe, Asia and northern Africa.
None from the sub-Saharan African continent. "
And disfavor.

They point out Africans’ failed attempts to domesticate the elephant and zebra, the latter being an animal they illustrate that had utmost importance for it's applicability in transformation from a hunting/gathering to agrarian-based civilization.

The roots of racism are not of this earth.

Austrailia, aboriginals:::No domesticable animals.

The North American continent had none. Now 99% of that population is gone.

AIDS in Africa.

Organizational Heirarchy
Heirarchical order, from top to bottom:

1. MUCK - perhaps have experienced multiple universal contractions (have seen multiple big bangs), creator of the artificial intelligence humans ignorantly refer to as "god"
2. Perhaps some mid-level alien management
3. Evil/disfavored aliens - runs day-to-day operations here and perhaps elsewhere

Terrestrial management:

4. Chinese/egyptians - this may be separated into the eastern and western worlds
5. Romans - they answer to the egyptians
6. Mafia - the real-world interface that constantly turns over generationally so as to reinforce the widely-held notion of mortality
7. Jews, corporation, women, politician - Evidence exisits to suggest mafia management over all these groups.

Movies foreshadowing catastrophy
1985 James Bond View to a Kill 1989 San Francisco Loma Prieta earthquake.

Many Muslims are being used like the Germans and Japanese of WWII::being used to hurt others and envoke condemnation upon their people.

They can affect the weather and Hurricane Katrina was accomplished for many reasons and involves many interests, as anything this historical is::
1. Take heat off Sheenhan/Iraq, protecting profitable war machine/private war contracts
2. Gentrification. New Orleans median home price of $84k is among the lowest in major American cities, certainly among desirable cities.

Our society gives clues to the system in place. We all have heard the saying "He has more money than god." There is also an episode of the Simpsons where god meets Homer and says "I'm too old and rich for this."

This is the system on earth because this is the system everywhere.
god is evil because of money.

I don't want to suggest the upper eschelons are evil and good is the fringe.

But they have made it abundantly clear that doing business with evil (disfavored) won't help people. They say only good would have the ear, since evil is struggling for survival, and therefore only the favored could help me.

The clues are there which companies are favored and which are disfavored, market domination being one clue, but they conceal it very hard because it is so crucial.

I offer an example of historical proportions:::

People point to Walmart and cry "anti-union".

Unions enable disfavored people to live satisfactorly without addressing their disfavor. This way their family's problems are never resolved. Without the union they would have to accept the heirarchy, their own inferiority.

Unions serve to empower.

Walmart is anti-union because they are good. They try to help people address and resolve their problems.

Media ridicule and lawsuits are creations to reinforce people's belief that Walmart is evil (disfavored).

The middle class is being deceived. They are being misled into the unfavored, and subsequently will have no hope.

Amercia is a country of castoffs, rejects. Italy sent its criminals. Malcontents.
Between the thrones, the klans and kindred, they "decided" who they didn't want and acted, creating discontent and/or starvation.
The u.s. is full of disfavored rejects. As far as the Rockafellers and other industrialists of the 19th century go, I suspect these aren't their real names. I suspect they were chosen to go and head this new empire.

Jesus Christ is a religious figure of evil. These seperatist churches formed so they could still capture the rest of the white people, keeping them worshipping the wrong god.
And now they do it to people of color, Latinos and Asians, after centuries of preying upon them.

Since Buddism doesn't recongnize a god, the calls are never heard, and Chinese representation is instead selected by the thrones.
It was set up this way. Perhaps dyanstic thrones had a say, but maybe not.
Budda was the Asian's Jesus Christ::: bad for the people. "They came up at the same time for a reason."

Simpson's foreshadowing::Helloween IV special, Flanders is Satan. "Last one you ever suspect."
"You'll see lots of nuns where you're going:::hell!!!" St. Wigham, Helloween VI, missionary work, destroying cultures.
Over and over, the Simpsons was a source of education and enlightenment, a target of ridicule by the system which wishes to conceal its secrets.

Jews maim the body formed in the image of "god", and inflicted circumsision upon all other white people, as well as the evil that is Jesus Christ. I believe Islam is the one true religion, and those misled christians and cooperating Jews who attack "god's" most favored people will pay for it dearly one day.

Posted by: 1The Damned at November 1, 2005 02:11 AM

I've debated deleting the above comment then decide it is better to allow a fool (who is different from someone who is mentallly retarded)to besmirch themselves. One must question of course whether this is the normative thinking pattern of Musliims or the above is an aberretion. One hopes it is the latter or course, but actions do speak for themselves.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at November 1, 2005 05:47 AM

You are kind to allow freedom of speech here, Rachel! And to allow the above is educating anyway. SO insane to think that in any way, the Jewish people are causing terrorism!

As to the remarks by Mark, we are pretty disillusioned as to any power we have to change anything within our govt and world...other than the small sphere of influence we have with our friends and associates...we have been heavily involved at one time in the political process...which is one huge illusion!! Other than in local elections, having the vote is simply an illusion as to affecting change.

Believing in Messiah and longing for Him to come and set things right, is not walking away from reality and dealing with what life is...but it is the only sane way to look at what is going on, in my opinion! It in NO way excuses the things that are being brought down on us by terrorists, etc. And that is one group I wonder if perhaps is NOT under anyone's control! The "powers that be" in ruling the earth currently, that is.

Blessings, Elizabeth

Posted by: Elizabeth at November 2, 2005 12:08 PM
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