October 13, 2005

Post Yom Kippur Update

Here's how my YK went:

The Monkey somehow managed to blow out the yartzheit candle we had going so we could make Havdalah at the end of the fast; so after the fast I borrowed a light from a friend, which meant I had to do the silly walk all the way down the block. (The silly walk is where you cup your hand around the flame, constantly turning your back against the wind, eyes on the wick and with a lot of prayer in your heart that the light does not get blown out. Which it almost did. Twice) We, as in I, but really I will try and find someway to blame husband and kids, managed to forget to shut the oven. Just what one wants over a fast, heat.

I did not fast well and did not spend most of the time in shul. I was feeling cold sitting outside, in the sun. I was also feeling very shakey. I decided it was better that I feel shakey and cold under the covers in my room rather than in shul, so I was home most of the day.

I broke the salt shaker trying to chase the cat off the table. We can not keep salt shakers for more than a few months. Something always happens to them. They break, we lose the little pluggy thing which probably has a name other than pluggy thing but I don't know what it is, or aliens from the planet Catapata steal it for their ghastly rituals. Whatever, haven't a set at the moment for either milchigs or fleshigs and I like salt and pepper shakers.

The cat is a monster. She loves to attack my hands. This makes it hard to sleep at times. She is also a sweetie pie and comforted me while I wasn't feeling well by curling up and purring in my arms while I rested. A cats purr is something special, especially from this cat who is more of a rough housers than a sit and look queenly type.

The dog managed not to pee on the floor, at least that I know of, which is good.

Now for Succot. WHAT AM I GOING TO SERVE!!!! My oldest son will be in the army, but he is coming home Chol Hamoed after his tekes celebrating the completion of his sheryon (tank)training. He will have about 10 days, most of whch he will spend with friends most likely.

dats all folks! I'm sure there is more but really I was kind of in the out of it state today.

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