February 28, 2005

If You Believe As I Do

That the disengagement is destructive and harmful to Israel and the Jewish people,
then read here for some good ideas on what to do.
Thank you Yoel!

I still feel prayer is essential; but I also believe that G-d answers are prayers of action--- words alone aren't sufficient.

Those who are "chutz l'aretz" outside of the land, please, Judeinrein is not the way to go. Speak out; call your representatives, advocate for the right of Jews to live on their own land. Find out the facts; know that the land of Gush Katif was not inhabited, that no Arabs were forced from their villages, that the land was barren till the Jews came, and not expected to become the green vistas it is now, and that the Jews bought the land with their own money.

Please help.

Posted by Rachel Ann at February 28, 2005 03:29 PM
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