January 05, 2005

Evil Mother Report

I am so cruel. I thrive on cruelty, at least when it comes to my children.
My viciousness doesn't stop at making them (gasp!) clean up their rooms, or try a bit of what I made for dinner, even if they don't like it, oh no...today.. I know you will be shocked to hear this, today I made my daughter, the Artist, go to an after school math class where she will not only (along with the rest of the girls in her class) do a bit more math at her teachers house, BUT also get some treats.

Oh no, you are all horrified. Horrified! What mother could be so low-down mean and nasty to make her child try the class ONE WHOLE TIME!!!!

The extent of my cruelty will not be known until said child returns from the torture chamber either angry or having loved it.

So what evil mommy (or daddy) deed are you guilty of today?

I got a sheepish smile and an agreement to go again. Hey she got bissli! I knew that would win her over.

Posted by Rachel Ann at January 5, 2005 01:16 PM

Hi, my name is Liz and I'm a recovering lurkaholic and dork.

I love your blog!

Come visit my January 5th post and be a part of De-Lurking Day.

Posted by: Lizt at January 5, 2005 04:23 PM

** snicker **

I forced The Boy to go to school where they will make him color.

With crayons!

The horror!

(Actual quote from The Boy during a meeting with his teacher concerning his resistance to coloring: "Coloring is pointless. I understand that sometimes you need a break. It's OK -- I can teach the class for you. I know Makayla needs help with her counting, and Taydon doesn't know his sight words (etc., for everyone in his class). I will do anything to help, but I. Don't. Like. To. Color. Ever.")

Posted by: Anne at January 5, 2005 05:02 PM

My nephew was like that... "I dont see why I have to do this (math, practice a musical instrument, run passes in touch football practice)over and over, like, I know how to do this..." WEll that was true, kid's a stinking genious, but his Da still made him do drill work and that has stood the budding musician/composer in good stead. He is now 19, has a full ride to a major university and is expected to complete his degree in 3 years. I predict a Phd in 6...

Posted by: Hokule'a at January 6, 2005 07:58 AM

Last night I didn't have enough fresh red bell pepper for one child and I made the other one taste a cooked bell pepper. Oh the horrors for both of them.

Posted by: Jordana at January 6, 2005 03:56 PM

Yeah, we all qualify! I think we will be subject to some hellish torture like eating chocolate ice cream while and spa treatments...at least that is what I think we should recieve for all the years of our torturous conduct ;-)

Posted by: Rachel Ann at January 6, 2005 04:22 PM
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