January 04, 2005


That's how many people are home right now. Just me and the Monkey, who is. for reasons only understood by other five year olds (excuse me 5 1/2 year olds) carrying a napkin wrapped egg around in her "mitriah" (umbrella. And she is of course singing about it...or at least I think that is the song.

It is weird feeling, just us two bopping about in the house. The Wit is in the army, the Agent is at a class (for his GED), the Artist has something or other going on for school taking place at a friend's house, and the dh is at work. The silence is almost sticky, and my imagination takes me to the future when this is the norm; no one here but me and one child, and by that time, by the time the Artist has vacated the premisis for Sheruti duty (community service rather than strict army duty, a right reserved for girls) the Monkey will be 12 and probably out with her friends most of the time, certainly not hanging about mom!

All my babies are growing up. How did that happen? I know I'm still only 23 ;-)

Posted by Rachel Ann at January 4, 2005 04:16 PM

I'm only 19. I don't know who this woman with crinkles around her eyes and a flabby tummy is that looks out from the mirror at me. :)

Posted by: Jordana at January 4, 2005 05:07 PM
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