January 02, 2005

Well Here Goes

Otherwise known as summarize the week:

Son has returned to the army; this is what I have learned about the army so far.

The army has a lot of foolish rules; they, like most armies around the world, are a stickler for minor details---where the pants legs land in terms of the boots, how one is to wear one's jacket, etc. etc. I'm certain there are a lot of things my son just hasn't told me that wouldn't make sense.

The Israeli army has pretty good food; and they serve soup at every meal. Yes, that means breakfast. I'm trying to figure that one out; I'm am insatiably curious and really want to know how many people actually eat soup for breakfast but I know my son will get angered by the question.

I do know, now why everyone wears their berets on thelr sleeves; no one that I've ever seen wears their hats on their head. They are more ceremonial as well as indicate the status of the wearer.

Soliders are targets; I always knew this, but I was thinking about it more. How many soilders have something to fear in their own countries? Israeli soilders are targets no matter where they are; we are all targets really, anyone who is in Israel is a target, but the soilder are even more so. Sorry, I know that was poor phrasing but can't think of how to phrase it better. The problem is if a soilder is targeted the world kind of turns away.

The weekend isn't enough, but we are lucky to have that. I guess Israel being a small country it is easier for soilders to go home for more frequent visits.

That's that end of the news.

The DOG,
Okay, so today the people who own the dog receive a call and they are going to quarrantine the dog. The owner called us and begged us to call it off. I really don't want to cause trouble between us and a neighbor so I agreed; but the neighbor mentioned the word compensation, as well as promising not to let the animal run free. I told the dh I don't want compensation; I don't want this to be a trade off; I stop a proceeding for money. To me the issue is I got bit in the thigh, and there was no provocation, and the next one who could be bit is a child. I want them to understand that dog must be tied up at all times. I'm going to go talk to my Rabbi about this and make certain the message gets across. I love animals, I love dogs. I'm not afraid of dogs in general. The day before I was born my father brought home a puppy for my mother (My mother's birthday is the day before mine.) This dog scares me; he bit me and then continued to menaace me all the way to my house. I took off my shoes and picked up a stone so that I could fight him off in necessary. Maybe I'm making the wrong decision, I don't know, but that is what I decided.

Mail Strike! A lot of penpals are going to wonder where I went to. There is a mail strike. I am not even sure if it is in the Yishuv or what, but we haven't gotten and nor could we send mail this whole week.

Well, there it is... Life as I know it today.

We are still dead broke, but at least, with the help of my in-laws, we paid off the grocery bill.

We need money so bad; Come on G-d, send us a miracle!

Posted by Rachel Ann at January 2, 2005 12:03 PM
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