December 27, 2004


I hate being a sterotype, but today my son, the Wit entered the army so I rearranged the living room, becoming task master to my husband and son; move this here, move that there. The couch is near the t.v., the computer is back against the wall where it started out, one wall is now free of everything except some framed pictures, artfully leaning up against the wall (um, we never hung them up.)

Everything is changed.

Yes, I'm worried. Yes I'm scared. Yes I miss him.

Posted by Rachel Ann at December 27, 2004 10:46 AM

Any questions, just ask me. I had two in for two years. Now the elder is in his last weeks of trekking around South America, and the baby finishes the tank corps, G-d willing, in March. In order to prevent pre-Shabbat laundry hysteria, you'll need to stock up on extra socks, gotkes etc. Then he can pack the clean things as soon as he gets home on Friday and do the laundry without pressure over the week. I couldn't really do their laundry together, since one's was caked with mud, tzanchan, and the tank with grease. Launder pre-wash, but 30-40 degrees c. We also stopped sending expensive goodies by mail, since they didn't always get it. Instead I kept a box of nosh to take in their room, and they packed what they wanted.
Any questions?

Posted by: muse at December 28, 2004 04:26 AM
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