December 21, 2004

Have you Noticed the Silence?

Have you notice that I have not been blogging about Israel much lately? Oh, life in Israel perhaps, but I haven't gotten too political lately. It isn't that I haven't anything to say, it is just that what I have to say I've said before:

Disengagement is a fools game and will lead to more loss of life and greater destruction of Israel and her ideals than keeping the land and worrying about falling missles ever would.

There will be no real peace with the Palestinians. Neither will Israel really be allowed to defend herself against an incursion by Palestinians; I highly doubt that the United States, let alone the rest of the world, will allow Israel to invade and a, now, foriegn country, because of the actions of individuals, unless there is absolute proof that those individuals were sent by the government (and not just one person in the government). Hence, Israel will not be allowed to defend herself, and the Palestinians will not only be able to call for sanctions, but call for help in defending itself if Israel does try and defend herself ie, Israel loses either way..

Only a fool trades the tangible for the intangible. Would you enter a contract with someone which called for you to give them sa $200, 000 dollars, in return for not calling you repugnant names, but not condition on the fact that if they (or an agent of theirs) did so, it would result in the money being refunded to you?

How exactly will it be determined that the Palestinians are keeping the peace? What will be the consequences TO THEM if someone crosses the border and blows themselves up? How to prove it was instigated by the Palestinians and not by an "Israeli Arab" (cause ou know that is what they will say. Wasn't us, wasn't our fault, What could we do s/he was a nut)? Will Israel be allowed to "disengage" anyone Arab from Israel proper? Why are only Jews being disengaged from the land they have lived on for decades? Why can Jordan and a possible "Palestinian state" be allowed to exclude Jews, but Israel can not exclude Arabs?

Yeah, I'm angry, bitter, scared and worried, and I am apt to scream at those who tell me I'm overreacting.

Yes, I know in the end, G-d will get His way, and Israel will be safe, under the leadership of the Moshiach. But I go along with those who believe there are two ways to bring the Moshiach, one way is by making this a good world, thus we bring him into the land, and one way where G-d's must this world good, and thus bring the Moshiach to the land. We bring justice or G-d brings justice. And if G-d does it, will it isn't as sweet as if we do it ourselves.

And no, for those who argue the "way of peace" (ie giving away pieces of Israel) will do that; peace must come with justice, and that includes being just to ones own self. Bending over to allow someone else the pleasure of kicking you in the behind is stupidity;nothing else.

And that is why I haven't been blogging on Israeli politics too much lately. I am too angry at all that has been happening for more than a rant.

I am in full agreement with these statements by Former MK Elyakim HaEtzni: (via Arutz Sheva; please read the whole article yourself.)

"...we must make it clear to our soldiers and police officers that it is manifestly illegal to obey such orders. It is illegal to break into a citizen’s home, take his possessions, drag him and his family out of their house by force, dig up the bones of their dead relatives, destroy his home and hand over his community to the enemy.”<

(another good article, this one on the security fence, can also be found on Arutz sheva.)

Posted by Rachel Ann at December 21, 2004 09:25 PM
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