December 19, 2004

What Do You Need?

I know my prior post on this subject must have received so many responses the counter reset itself to zero. Couldn't be that I wrote a dull post! Nevertheless, in what may amount to the blogging equivalent and hitting myself on the thumb with a hammer, I ask once more:

What is your drive? What is your motivation in life? What do you think motivates most people? Is it only survival? If you knew your basic needs were fully met, if you knew you would receive decent food, health care, education, shelter (including clothing) regardless of how long and how hard and at what you worked, would you continue in your present job? Would you work at all? Would you take more business risks? Retire early? What are basic needs? I have listed food, health care, education, shelter (including clothing) is this your idea of basic needs as well, or have I left out something, or should I have left off something?
How would society fare in a culture where all basic needs were met without question? Would every household have to dump their own garbage? Would service personnel be able to command a high salary? Would a society based on such conditions encourage creativity or laziness or both? Would we have more or less crime or would crime be unaffected?

That is a whole string of questions; I really want to know your answer. Yeah, I think about this stuff. I guess I'm a bit of a kook. Imagine having to live with me!

Posted by Rachel Ann at December 19, 2004 02:29 PM

The spirit. We need to keep our soul satisfied. My blog, is beginning to reflect my soul, the various dimensions/facets. Judaism is a synthesis of physical and spiritual needs. We need them both.

Posted by: muse at December 19, 2004 07:28 PM
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