November 01, 2004


I am feeling incredibly lethargic today- molasses moving. The air has thickened and my brain has dulled and whatever curse is upon me has most likely been bestowed by the earth revolution of the sun bringing me, and the many inhabitants in this hemisphere to the darkening of days.

I become duller during the winter months; my mind more sluggish, thoughts mired on thoughts and unable to form coherency, to rersolve themselves into distinct concepts and ideas. I wander from room to room, flick on and off the television, read and put the book down, unable to delve into the life that is before me. I crave sleep, like a bear, my body and mind hibernating for the season. I crave dreams, escape. Everything takes longer to do; my movements slow and plodding.

But it isn't, or does not need to be an ugly time; winter to me has always been as a pregnant woman; everything turned inward, facing toward the life that is growing inside; what is to be. The ideas that bumble about and stumble into each other form new connections give birth to newer, fresher ideas.

It is a time of expectancy; and birth will happen---pregnancy is always a pause full of the future.

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 1, 2004 06:17 AM
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