August 31, 2004

Pet Life

I was over on EyeNo's blog; he did an excellent post on the problems of stupid dog owners and the reprecussions of those who don't know how to train or care for dogs. A brief excerpt from an excellent piece:

We’ve all seen people, usually males, strutting down the street with a pit bull or some other “agressive” breed. The dog is outfitted with a spiked collar and is straining against a leather leash that would look more at home hanging off a barber’s chair in the 1930s just waiting for the straight razor in need of stroping. Who picked out that collar? Not the dog. If the Hummer is the compensation for a rich man’s penile shortcomings then the Pit Bull or the Rotweiler is the poor man’s alternative.

Read the rest; he makes some excellent points.

As far as dog ownership goes, here are my points.

We, for those who don't know, have a dog. A Basset Hound. They are short, stocky, sloppy, but very loveable dogs. He was a good choice for us, good for a still growing family. He is not a good choice for someone who would have trouble walking him and no access to a large yard, for someone who is infrequently at home, who someone whose property is easily damaged, or fine, and hasn't a section of the house for him to romp in freely, where the family would spend a good bit of their time.

When it comes to pets heres the rule;
Research--Know the type of dog you are getting; is it right for your family? A Pit Bull wouldn't be right for us; you have to be very firm and strong, and I'm not that type of person. Be honest with yourself; how much training will this type of dog need and can you provide that?
Assess Is this particular dog the dog for you. Bring the whole family when you are looking at a dog; how does everyone interact with the dog/puppy? How does the animal act? Is it friendly? Timid? Does it knock everyone over to get to you? (could be a sign of aggression).
Train All dogs need some training. Do this when they are young and you won't regret it later.
EnjoyIf you hate taking the dog on walks, hate playing with it, hate petting it, hate having it lay its head on you lap, why did you bring the dog home?

Dogs can make beautiful and long term companions, but the human factor is t he most important. Know what you are doing. A dog is a dog and will behave the way nature intended; we, as owners have to learn how to use that nature to benefit us all.

Posted by Rachel Ann at August 31, 2004 05:50 AM

1. Keep your dog tied up on your own property
2. If your dog gets out, you damn well be better go out and get it and clean up after it
3. If I catch it on my property doing something or scaring my kids, don't be surprised if I either call the pound or shoot it.
4. If you give me a hard time for complaining about damage your dog does I may just shoot the damn thing on principle.
5. I don't have anything against dogs, dog owners as a general rule should be rounded up, doused with gasoline and burnt to a crisp. I bitter?

Posted by: Kin at August 31, 2004 08:30 AM

We have a half Queensland half husky names Sasha, and she is the best we have ever had, gentle smart and loves to play! We are very careful with her, always on the leash if we walk, and always make sure she has her shots, take her to the vet when she is sick. She is one of the family, and we treat her like one! :)

Posted by: renee wirick at September 1, 2004 06:09 PM
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