May 31, 2006

Back Home

And the wedding was wonderful. I'll have pictures and everything as soon as I can figure out how to do it with the new camera.

We are of course jet lagged. Yesterday I let the girls stay home but today mean mom that I was I sent them off to school.

We stayed at four different houses for various lengths of times, ate out more than I do normally in a year. The Artist made a new friend (PR's, the new bride, new niece via marriage). The kids were all a bit confused as to why their sister was related and they weren't related to each other, but I think we finally straightened them out on the matter. I think. They still may have this "niece in-law" echoing in their heads. Hey, hy can't they claim a relationship? Is their any real law about the matter? I know various cultures have different standards of familial connections.

The flight to the USA was oh so much fun....I think the first hour I was either escorting my daughter to the bathroom or heading that way myself. Cramped, headachy and full of airline food and other junk, the trip felt like 24 hrs instead of 10. But at least we got food. None of my siblings do; apparently feeding ones over-priced, cramped customers even peanuts and soda is a bit too much service for USA domestic airlines. Soon they'll start charging extra for the right to sit and use the toilet, extra for the t.p. Maybe trains will make a comeback.

The wedding was great as I said. Friends from my old home town came and I caught up with news with them as well as danced my heart out. It was so wonderful to meet the rest of PR's family; what a wonderful bunch! We felt so very welcomed. But the photographer! Why oh why must half the wedding be spent on photo shoots???? I had a cramp in my smile muscles and my daughter and new son in law had twice as many photos as I did! I can't wait to see those pics!

My daughter treated me to a makeover... I haven't worn make up in years... apparently it makes me look good as I received a lot of compliments...which of course makes me wonder a bit; what did I look like before? Um, don't answer that.

A group of three made Sheva Brachot for my daughter (traditional meal, given every day for seven days following the wedding) Tuesday. Wow, it was great....more old friends to see and talk to, great food, and lots of laughs....I wish I could bring everyone back home with me.

For about four days we were by Hotel A. This is a family guys, in a mini mansion. Every morning we were served this fantastic breakfast; salads, eggs or french toast, olives and humous. It was really wonderful! The woman was macrobiotic, and after seeing her dance at the wedding, wow, I think I need to revise my diet! She had so much energy! She isn't related to my daughter, but rather the in-laws of my daughter's brother in law! I think it incredible how wonderful they were to open their house up to us, giving us a real home for those days.

For the first week we were with my in-laws which of course was lovely....and the girls, mine, got to see their cousins again...the girls had been so close, it was wonderful how they connected. My sil made gift bags for each of the hotel rooms (where we stayed before the wedding and the day after) filled with tons of kosher treats! Thank you!!!!.

The last three days we stayed at my daughter's new sil house. They are a great family, and I was so happy to meet them. My girls made friends and as a going away present the mom gave us several games that we had played over Shabbat.

In between we met my mother's cousins whom she hasn't seen in years, and I don't remember well at all, went shopping for all those difficult to find in Israel things, for us and as is usual, for friends. (Inexpensive, well made sippy cups are apparently hard to find in Israel. There were other friends buys as well)

I bought mostly books. Have read two of the six I purchased, am halfway through three others...Among my choices; DaVinci Code. Maybe all the hype raised my expectations to the grand level, but so far it is a good read, but I'm not hyperventilating and staying up late to finish. The two horror books were decent reads...a collection by Bentley Little and one by Laymon. I've a Jodi Picoult book, THE PLAIN TRUTH, and FLoating Dragon by Peter Straub to finish and Brain Keene's "the Conquer Worm" waiting in the wings. Think that is enough for awhile? Not too long, all well probably be finished soon and then how will I get my fix?

The plane ride home was better than going; I actually slept a bit, which was good for then but I don't know how good for now as I have not been able to get to sleep at nights. Thank G-d Shavuot is coming! We have been asked out for one meal (Shabbat lunch) but are home the rest and I'm going to be taking a lot of naps, trying to get myself back into Israeli time.

We did have a minor problem when checking in; one of our suitcases set off the odor it got pulled aside, we were questioned, and guess what the problem was? Our shopping trip at the pharmacy for various items which were hard to get in Israel; at least the brands we like. Really, it looked as if we were trying to start our own pharmacy!

Back to work tomorrow! Oh joyful day caliou callay and all that. Oh well, it pays the bills...sort of.

More as I remember it...brain is still fuzzy.

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May 12, 2006

My Daughter's Wedding

Is a week from Sunday. Guess where we are going this Monday? Hint. She lives in the USA. So at 5 (FIVE A.M.) we are heading off for our plane to the USA...and we'll be gone for 2 weeks.

Catch you all later...

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May 07, 2006

Not An Eshet Hayil

Well, my son got his stripes. He is now a sarge...this is a normal part of the army life from my understanding. So of course the task to sew them on was left to me.

I started cheerfully enough, then realized that I CAN NOT SEW!!!!
I mean I got them on but I don't think I'll get a job in this field.
At least they are on. And flat. And around the same place on both sides.

One kitty has a new home. My son is bringing him (in a knapsack) to a friend whose leg was broken. Kiko, the cat in question, is the sweetest of the lot. We put hiim in the sack last night to test it out and he just went to sleep.

Now to find a home for the other two...though truthfully, I don't want them to go. Tiara and Dian both snuggle with me all the time, and give kisses....Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm going to miss them.

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May 02, 2006

In Memory

Of all the brave defenders of our country, who gave their lives to preserve and protect our land: thank you for this wonderful country, for giving your life so others may live.

And in memory of the vicitms of terror. May we soon have a real and true peace.

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