April 10, 2006

Almost There!

The house is Pesach ready. I'll be cooking today and tomorrow for the Yom Tov....It will be a quiet one this year- no guests for the seder and no joining up with another family as we have done in the past; just our little group.

The quiet will be nice; the last couple of weeks have been rather tumultuous: between getting ready for Passover, things to do for my daughter's wedding, the kittens who are a handful and a half, my work and my husbands possible new job, plus assosrted illnesses, lice attacks etc. I need a quiet evening at home.

We don't have lengthy seders, never being among those who have had the "How long can we go" race. I think our style of seder is catching on as it seems more and more people realize the benefit to actually ending the seder before midnight.

We are without our oven this Pesach, so cooking will be an adventure. There are certain meals that require an oven, that I will either have to forego or depend upon the generousity of friends...I've received several offers of others to use their ovens already. But for the most part I'll just try to stick with top of the stove cooking. There goes pizza lasagna...Oh well.

I love this time of the year, I love the berak in routine, love Matzah. There are foods I start craving during this period of time that I don't crave the rest of the year.

Borscht is one of them. The craving for borscht does return a couple of times a year, but during Peasch I just go crazy for it; potatoes nice and hot, scallions, sour cream on top: that sweet sour combination just fills me up. I'm like a kid that way; I buy a couple of bottles of the premade stuff, but the last bottle never gets used up. My craving ends about half-way through. I think I'll try and make my own this year; perhaps I'll even try a meat version, though that means forgoeing the sour cream.

Both my dh and I have work this Pesach, but I'm going to try and get away at least one day, and take the children into the city to do something; a museum or whatnot. There are certainly enough places in Jerusalem to visit, and we need the family time, the just us time, to do something OTHER than hang about the house.

I must stop one day at Sefer v'sefel and get something to read. I'm without books again! I would like to another Jodi Picoult book; I read her book MY SISTER'S KEEPER, and was very impressed. I also finished Lazer Brody's "THE TRAIL TO TRANQUILITY"...also quite excellent. I want my own copy so I can put his plan into action.

Not much else going on...

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Do you make up your own horseradish? I am experimenting for this week...got a huge old root from the store. My first batch is not what I want, so will keep at it. I could not find any kind without corn syrup in it and being we are diabetic...prefer not to have something that sweet...

We had friends over last night to Passover...9 of us. It was a special time and though TONS of work, and I am exhausted today (though everyone brought something) I am glad to have been able to do so. I am going to be lazy for a few days however.

How did yours go? It is nice when you still have several children at home too. Blessings for the rest of this week!

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