April 06, 2006

Mind/Body Connection

A recent article in the Jerusalem post linked modest dress with better body image. Apparently religious Jewish -Israeli girls (I don't know if this would apply to other religions) focus their attention on their skills as future wives and mothers rather than on the physical body. They are less likely than non-religious girls to have problems with anorexia and bulimia, and to have a more positive, overall image of themselves.

That all sounds grand, and may be true in some cases, however several comments on the article seem to indicate a less than sanguine.

Cross-Currents also discussed this issue (in a more timely fashion!) here and here.

I don't have enough experience to really comment. I just know my own daughter and she is not yet concerned with body image. We have raised her to think about the inner beauty more than the outer beauty of a person, for that is the beauty I feel is true and relevant in life. A good, well cared for soul is more important than the body that hosts it...though care and attention should be given to the body as well.

I hope she remains more internally focused all her life.

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