March 16, 2006

More Children's Programming

From our pals the PALS. Yes children, step right this way; you too can murder and mutilate your way to heaven....
And it gets you out of homework and housework too.

Lovely lovely lovely.

Yeah, I'm disgusted, and going to drag anyone who wants to read further way out into left field and than back again.

This type of thinking, and the kind of thinking reminds me of an episode from Star Trek.

Now if my dh were here and not working he would not only tell me the-episode the following was from but the complete dialogue of the scene. As it is, you'll have to do with my pathetic rendetion.

Diana is speaking to Capt. Piccard about the difficulties of negotiating a peace treaty between two different peoples. She holds a cup in her hand and says a made up word. "Now, what am I talking about?" She asks, and when he responds "cup" she tells him "you could be right. But I could also be referring to the stuff inside the cup, or the color of the cup, or about things with handles or some other concept completely." There needs to be some common basis for understanding what the other person is saying.

Many people have harped on this throughout the years; I'm saying nothing new. But I do not see how we can have peace with the "enemy" if their ideas of what constitues peace, what constitues good morals is so radically different than ours. How can we shake hands with people who would make a hero of a man who cold bloodly and cruelly murder a young child barely out of diapers? How can we make peace with a people who place such little value on the lives of their children that they willingly turn them into weapons? How far does one bend to accept the "culture" of others before one realizes that one has given away ones soul.

Even if the Palestinians were a legitatmite people, no peace process can possibly come about while their morals are so radically different from ours and whose understanding of the language is so different than ours. Before we can shake hands to any agreement we must make certain that we are both signing on to the same thing, even if they agree to rein in terrorism and "accept Israel".. We have to have a mutal agreement as to the meaning of the words, and that agreement must be verifiable, they can't say one thing to us and the world at large and another to their people.

Furthermore, their educational system must change, their media must change, their society must undergo a radical shift in thinking; one to, let me dare say this, as I know it isn't politically correct, one to MORAL thinking.

At the very least they must start valuing the lives of their own children just a bit more.

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