February 14, 2006

I Haven't Done This in Awhile

Skip arouond the blogsphere time!
Mostly I have been having an oh so exciting time entering people's names into a data bank. Just a tad better than dishwashing; my hands don't get all dryed out and I can listen to what I want. But data entry has put me off from serious blogsurfing.

I hope to remedy that now.

Here's five places to visit and see:

  has an interesting take on the whole Mohammed cartoon blow up.  I just think it irionic that the way to protest against cartoons that linked Muslims with violence was by being violent.

And QandO Blog gives us a funny quote. Funny/truthful/sad quote.

And Rambling Rhodes finds Dick Cheney's journal. Now we all know what really happened.

I'm a cynic as well If You Will It. But I don't have any faith in man; no politician, no government. Just G-d.

And Meira is right; listen to the interview's with Tova Mordechai. You won't be disappointed.

Me; I'm hoping my computer lasts long enough to post this.

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