December 06, 2005

Got a Job

A work from home deal. I've been giving it my all, and getting a bit too stressed out over it. What I am is a "researcher" I check the accuracy of addy/phone number for a particular company.

I have to learn to pace myself though and realize that I need to do things like eat, sleep, and occassionally admit defeat. I hate making mistakes. And I hate having work in front of me; so today I spent almost six hours doing the work non-stop.

Not a good idea. My stomach is in knots and my arm is aching.

But I'll get there. As I get faster I'll be able to earn more money at a reasonable pace.

In any case, I've made $50 bucks since Sunday, which sounds a whole lot better in shekels

Posted by Rachel Ann at December 6, 2005 07:11 PM | TrackBack

Oh my gosh, you did it?? You got a research job! I'm so excited for you!!!!! Do pace yourself. Also, know that you probably work faster than most people they've ever had. You can work for 45 minutes and take a break for five minutes, three times an hour. Get up, walk around, shake out your hands. Keeping yourself from breaking down and needing workman's comp is necessary too. ;)

Posted by: esther at December 7, 2005 05:45 AM
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