November 06, 2005

Lucky for Her

We don't eat cat!!!!
The feline in question, one eight month old tabby named Chamomile, knocked over the VCR and broke it (last night) and today, climbed up on the partial wall between the salon and kitchen knocking down a wine glass and a little knickknack, breaking both.

She doens't know how close she came to becoming a fur muff.

Yeah, we're keeping her. I guess we are animal people.

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 6, 2005 01:14 PM | TrackBack

You know, as our house is recently empty from a dearly loved pet, I can tell you that I desperately miss tripping over him, yelling at him for begging, knocking things over, barking incessantly, and generally being kinda stinky all the time. Yeah, they wreak some havoc occasionally, but the unconditional love in return is something that is nice to have around if only to try to live up to the example they give.

Posted by: Linda at November 6, 2005 08:52 PM

Linda you are so right. And I'm sorry for your loss. poor thing. Usually they're a bit more graceful when they walk.

Posted by: esther at November 7, 2005 08:16 PM

I know Linda,

Our Caesar is 13 and he is not doing so well. I don't think he'll be along much longer. He has been here the whole of my younger two children's life; their constant companion. They are family, and it is so hard to see him age. He is mostly blind now, and incontinent, and I think at times confused.

Poor beast! And he is such a good, gentle animal as well. No one need fear him he is so gentle. Birds flock about him. He wouldn't hurt anyone or anything.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at November 8, 2005 12:09 PM
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