November 03, 2005

Dear Morah (Teacher)

The Monkey comes home from school and tells me she needs to read a special card to me. Said card has no writing on it that I can see, but the Monkey explains that it is like those 3d pictures, you need to hold it to your nose and move it out till you can see it. She will translate it into English for me.

So she holds up the picture she colored and says (this is about as verbatim as I can get):

Dear Ima,

Tehila was crying all the way home from school today. Do you know why she was crying? (she glances at me over her shoulder, folding the card to keep it hidden from me) Because N took her teek (knapsack) home with her. Tehila didn't want N to take her teek, but she took it and she was afraid her Ima would notice that the teek wasn't there and get mad. N took the teek because she tied it to her and couldn't get it untied and so had to take it home to her mother so she could untie it. She tied it to her because she wanted to pull it* without holding it with her hands.

Now, I'm just trying to think how to translate that into Hebrew so her teacher will understand she has a valid excuse for not having done her homework last night.

*the Monkey has a rolling cart for her knapsack

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Awwww...........that's so sweet! When I turned 18 (halfway through my senior year of high school), I was able to write my own excuse notes. One time, I had an allergic reaction so I stayed home. I wrote that I got abducted by aliens and their planet dust gave me a rash. My teacher was not amused. So much for creative writing. ;)

Posted by: Esther at November 3, 2005 06:42 PM
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