September 30, 2005

We've Got A Cat!

A friends cat. They could not longer care for her. Her names Chammomile and she is a grey tabby cat, thin and wiry, very sweet and friendly; loves to cuddle. I had to make a temporary litter box from an old-dishpan and dirt, and till we get food for her, hopefully today, and bowls, she is eating doggie food. Caesar is such a dear, he just wants to be friends, but she isn't sure about him yet, though I think she realizes he isn't dangerous; when he is sleeping she'll slip past him.

We need to get her all her shots, and I'm praying she isn't pregnant. They let her go out; we plan to make her an inside cat.

Oh, but she is adorable! Cammie for short.

Posted by Rachel Ann at September 30, 2005 07:05 AM | TrackBack

Oh, she sounds pretty...and hope it works out for you all to have her there! You are fortunate to be able to have a cat indoors. I have too many allergies to cats...but fortunately not to dogs!

Posted by: Elizabeth at September 30, 2005 03:10 PM

I have two cats Elizabeth (one looks like Cammie sounds) and I'm mildly allergic. I just live with it. The love more than makes up for it. Mazel tov, Rachel Ann. Enjoy your new addition. She sounds precious. How sweet she likes to cuddle! We call ours cuddles and cuddles 2 sometimes.

Posted by: esther at October 2, 2005 06:09 PM
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