September 28, 2005

Random Bits and Pieces

1. I bought an organizer. To organize myself. (duh). Being among those who sort of floats from one thing to another and remembers things about two minutes before they happen I thought this a good idea. As the Artist has not fallen too far from the tree, I plan to incoporate her homework due and tests dates in the book as well. This is because despite having asked her
a)every day when she gets home from school
b)every evening before dinner
c)every night before bedtime

If she has any homework to do for the next day, and having each time last night received a


she had to look up and define a list of spelling words this morning.
Not only that but she misplaced her English notebook.

2) via an e-mail: go to google, enter failure, press "feeling lucky" and have a laugh...oh come on, you know who it will be and it is a joke, regardless of who you voted for.

3)I went into town with a friend for a breakfast date. The Monkey, who is home sick (her father was with her!) called half-way through to say "I miss you! When are you coming home?"

4)According to Tickle my karoke song is "We Got the Beat" by Go-Go's. I suggest that I only be asked to sing if one wnats to torture another.

5)Todays word of the day, according to Wordsmith is FUSCOUS which means dusky or of a brownish-grey color. Now come up with ten sentences using fuscous. Try them out on your friends. Annoy people, it is fun!

I think I need more coffee.

Posted by Rachel Ann at September 28, 2005 12:02 PM | TrackBack

Haha sounds like you have had enough already! Maybe you need a little more sleep? LOL

Posted by: Angie at September 29, 2005 05:51 PM
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