July 19, 2005

Solidarity Worldwide!

There are anti-disengagement rallies taking place world-wide today. To find out what your coutnry/area is doing go here and scroll down to the second section.

Your country isn't listed? There are still things you can do. Pray, make your own banners, wear orange anything.

Still not convinced that the disengagement is a foolish idea? Here's an clip from an on articlethe site called INTERNAL ISRAELI VIOLENCE; DISENGAGEMENT CLAIMS DISPROVEN (you'll need to scroll down to see it)


The following main claims made in behalf of Sharon's abandonment plan are false:

1. "Just as the withdrawal from southern Lebanon was successful, so too will be the withdrawal from Gaza and Northern Samaria."

Over 100 missile attacks have taken place on Israel's northern border since Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon - attacks that have resulted in the deaths of at least 28 Israeli citizens.

2. "There is less incitement against Israel from the Palestinian Authority since Abu Mazen took over as PLO Chairman." "...the governmental committee that was supposed to report on it is not operating at all. General (res.) Yaakov Amidror, assigned to coordinate the incitement committee, says he is not receiving much information from intelligence sources in the Defense Ministry, and therefore cannot operate.

3. "Abu Mazen is a peace-seeking leader."

Abu Mazen has emphatically told the PA media that he does not intend to dismantle the terror organizations or disarm them. Israeli governmental ... and military sources gloss over this fact.

4. "Financial aid given towards PA education is a positive development."

The Israeli government contributes towards PA education, despite reports from the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace ("www.edume.org") showing that the PA's educational system is heavily involved in continuing the war against the "Zionist State." Official representatives of Belgium, which helps fund the PA's textbooks, said that the State of Israel has requested that such funding be held back.

5. "The United States promised to recognize settlement blocs."

Ariel Sharon has made this claim repeatedly - but the American Embassy informed Bedein that the U.S. State Department completely denies any such promise of recognition of settlements.

6. PM Sharon's office has stated, and Israeli papers have reported, that the US will provide financial aid to pay for various aspects of the highly-expensive disengagement and re-settlement.

US Aid has never been approached for such funding, and its spokesmen said it would never consider funding such an endeavor. Nor is there any indication that the Congress would approve aid for Israel in this connection.

7. "Jerusalem is not up for negotiations."

US Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice has stated clearly that the US opposes any settlement activity beyond the '67 borders. Bedein writes, "When I asked the US Embassy spokesman whether reconstruction of the famous 'Hurva' synagogue, located in the Jewish Quarter of Old City of Jerusalem and destroyed by the Jordanians in 1948, was considered to be 'illegal settlement activity,' the answer was 'yes.'"

8. "Improvement of Security"

Many warnings that the pullout will actually lead to a deterioration in security and a flare-up of the terrorist onslaught have been issued. Among the indications of the accuracy of these warnings, Bedein notes, is the short distance between the front porches of Elei Sinai in northern Gaza and the major power station in Ashkelon. "Is it not quite evident," Bedein asks, "that after Israel's pullout from such an important strategic region, Ashkelon's power station will be threatened by PA security forces and all the terror organizations that populate the Gaza Strip?"

9. "The Western Negev will be strengthened."

Sharon repeatedly claims that the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip will lead to the blossoming of the Negev. Jewish Agency guides have recently reported, however, that they had received guidelines not to encourage organized groups to sleep over in the facilities of the Western Negev region, because of security concerns from Gaza." (Arutz-7, 6/20, all quoted from David Bedein.)
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Rachel Ann - While I do not necessarily favor the disengagement plan, and your post lists some compelling reasons to support engagement, in the interest of accuracy I wanted to pass this along:


"The office of Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres, who is the government point man on development of the peripheral regions, has approached the US about supporting infrastructure projects such as train routes and highways and the creation of industrial parks and zones in the north and south. Israel would also like help relocating military bases, including training and hi-tech units in the Negev, as well as aid for improving education, infrastructure and employment in the Beduin sector there."

While it may or may not be true that USAID has not been directly approached by Israel, (I don't know), it seems that the statement is somewhat disingenuous. I feel that in cases like this it is better not to leave tecnicalities for which those who support the disengagement plan to take advantage. Further, it should be noted that ion the event of disengagement, (or engagement, for that matter), any money supplied by the US to Israel only serves to bolster the global economy and advance peace in the region.



Posted by: Mark at July 20, 2005 12:37 PM

Thank you Mark.

sometimes it is very difficult to sort out what is true from what is rumor, and everything keeps changing so quickly anyway it can make your head spin.

Most recently I heard, with the emphasis on I that the USA was approached, but refused to give aide. That may have changed though. Right now, to be honest, my mind is somewhere else and I'm just following what is happening in Kfar Maimon. I suppose that is selfish of me to be thinking of my son and really thinking mostly about my son, but that is where my head is. It is difficult because I must wait till he calls, calling him could be quite disruptive to him.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at July 21, 2005 04:45 AM
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