May 19, 2005

Vet Set On Fire Saved By Breast Milk

and the quick thinking of women.
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A Vietnam war veteran, Mr. Francis Abrams who had his wheel chair set on fire by some pieces of human trash while riding a bus in Staten Isle. The teenagers, obviously skipping school (obviously having skipped school for most of their lives), ignited a plastic bag on the back of the chair, and when the Vet, an amputee who lost his left leg (according to another story both legs) while serving in Vietnam, screamed for water, a new mom, equipped with a bottle of breast milk, and her friend, with a bottle of water, doused the flames, saving not only the life of Mr. Abrams, 57 years old, but probably a good number of the people on the bus.

The teenagers fled when bus driver pulled to a stop and called 911, but were later caught.

Okay; I am really greatful to those ladies for saving the lives of whoever was on the bus.

But what gives with those teenagers? What was the mental process mind that would allow them to even think of setting someone aflame as mere prank? And what is with the charge of arson (I agree with that one) and criminal mischeif. How about attmpted murder? Because exactly what did they think would happen to someone who was bound to a wheelchair if theycaught fire?

How does a mind reach a level so low, so discordant with common decency and human htought? How can anyone be amused by this kind of an action? What was the payback to them? What did they hope to gain?

What are these teenagers going to be like as adults?

Posted by Rachel Ann at May 19, 2005 12:22 PM
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