May 04, 2005

My Day

1 Discovered that potato crisps and vanilla pudding tastes good (one of my students was eating this combination)
2. Found out I'm not teaching tomorror (and I didn't teach today) Glad someone gave me advanced warning!
3. Walking home bumped into a friend and found an hours cleaning job. Thirty five shek isn't anything to laugh at!
4. Got the mail, and a penpal letter, with stickers! YEAH!!!
5. Finished cleaning and started home, met a woman struggling with her bags, so I grab one, and found that she lives in the house with the garden I so love. She showed me around her garden and I got to taste all her wonderful fruits and she plucked me the sweetest smelling rose and another flower. Truly, a taste of Gan Eden.
5. Lost my stickers, probably on my garden tour. Oh well.
6. Got home, ate pizza and rice (yeah I know, more weird food combinations).
7. Dh went to meet the Monkey after school and send her home (he goes off to work) he also bought her a treat (going back to school was a bit tough on her). I went to wait for her on top of the "fifty stairs".
8.Dh calls and says the Monkey and the Monkey's friend were on the way home.
9. Another of the Monkey's friends past me by. She told me sometimes her finger hurt and sometimes her thumb hurt right here. I took this to be a hidden message telling me that someday I would be rich and famous. Don't ask the connection, it is either too complicated or too simplistic for anyone but me to understand.
10. Monkey and friend show up, finally. Mom suspects playing in the play ground, but Monkey tosser herself into moms arm and all was forgiven.
11. Monkey and friend have party. Monkey orders up a feast. I limit her to chocolate milk and her snack. Mean mommy.
12. Monkey's friend's mom comes. Mommies talk. Mommies talk about how to redo Rachel Ann's kitchen so she doesn't overwhelmed.
13. Rachel Ann's private student comes; 1/2hr late. Rachel Ann has sort of stopped expecting this girl to come because she is either late or doesn't come all the time. But Monkey has a return visit to Doctor in 1/2 hr. Rachel Ann will tutor for 1/2 hr.
14. Monkey and Monkey's friend drive Rachel Ann crazy while she attempts to tutor. Rachel Ann attempts to tell the story of Goldilocks and the three bears in English and Hebrew, and tries to teach her pupil about ten new words. Is this really working? She wondersr? SHe is pretty certain we got the words "girl" and "boy" down. Maybe "chair" and "bear" too.
15. Monkey and Monkey's friend and Mommy all head for the doctor, lets call it near running. Luckily along comes a car and gives us a lift. We are only there 10 minutes late. And the nurse made sure to hold that time for us.
16. Monkey's throat is better; but Monkey's ears need cleaning and the the doctor starts talking about a blood test. Anemia. Monkey has a heart murmur. Mommy is not happy to hear these words, and she will worry for the next however many days till something is definitive.
17. Moneky and mommy and Monkney's friend leaves, Monkey's friend goes home. Rachel Ann's hat flies off. and she tosses her hands ineffectively over her head until she realizes she has a hood and can cover her hair that way. Monkey retrieves Monkey gets hat.
18. The Artist calls. Says she has a problem. Mommy doesn't need more problems. The problem is that the door was open and the dog is gone.
19. Luckily the dog is easily found.
There is still more left to the day, but it better be filled with sitting around and being dull.

Posted by Rachel Ann at May 4, 2005 04:16 PM

Faster than a speeding tutor!
More rich and famous than a locomotive!
Able to scale "fifty stairs" on a single bound!

"Look! Chasing her dog!"
"It's a bird!" "It's a maid!"

It's Supermom!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at May 5, 2005 04:41 AM

#1 reminds me of french fries dipped in vanilla shakes or ice cream...another oddly delicious combo!

Posted by: QC at May 5, 2005 10:21 PM
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