May 01, 2005

I Really Didn't Want to Know

So Friday the Monkey says her throat hurts; but she is eating and drinking and running about---mom says DRINK WATER. Friday night as we sit down to the meal s he complains that her throat hurts, and this time there is some pow to it; she isn't eating. Not even Moms delicious and oh so nutritious chicken and matzah ball soup.

She isn't playing and running about; she is moping and lying on the couch. Ze lo normali (That isn't normal) for this little imp.

Later she is warm. She is in a lot of pain, tired, but can't sleep. She wakes five or six or seven or I lost count times during the night.

We take her to a nurse Shabbat morning (went to the woman's house) She sees no red, but does see pus: "Bring her in Sunday." We bring her in Sunday, but the doctor is not there till this afternoon. I bring her in the afternoon; and we wait, and wait. Finally, about 40 minutes later we see the doctor..

From the bloomin' water bottle!
And Ima kept telling her to drink.

7 days on Augmentum, 4 days on this cream that I have to rub, or get her to rub on her lips, mouth and tongue (and oh she so loves this stuff! That's sarcasm by the way folks) AND 2 days out of school, I have to bring her back on Wednesday.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Posted by Rachel Ann at May 1, 2005 03:10 PM

refuah shleimah

Posted by: muse at May 1, 2005 04:43 PM
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