December 20, 2004

Eating BonBons

The Artist and the Monkey were watching a t.v. show exposing magicians greatest secrets. During a break, while I was slaving away emptying a basket full of laundry into drawers and closets, the Artist came racing upstairs. "It's amazing! I think I might become a magician when I grow up! And then I'll teach everyone how I did the tricks! Oh; but I also still want to be an Artist and a writer!" she stamps her foot. "It's so hard to decide." She admits, and then adds...

"Why didn't you become anything."
There's that chopped liver feeling; the Artist is lucky she isn't chopped liver.

After silently counting to ten I told her "Well, I thought taking care of you guys was important". And later, as I was getting the two younger ones off to bed:

"You know I was a nurse."
"You were?!!"
"Yes; who takes care of you when you are sick. And I've been a teacher" The girls are smiling and getting in on the game. "Yeah." The Monkey says, "You're teaching me to read."
"And you taught me lots of stuff."
"And what other things have I done."
"You clean the house."
"And I cook."
"And you're the best mother in the world."

I guess being nothing isn't so bad.

Posted by Rachel Ann at December 20, 2004 06:29 PM

In our house my regular question is:"WHY do I always have to do these things and none of you guys can ever do it???"
Generally Bears answer to that is:"Because you are a woman!".
The neighbors boys are also convinced that Moms do nothing all day but wacthing TV (beware,they caught us watching TV once) and therefore claim that that is what LAZY WOMEN DO ALL DAY.

I am glad to hear you children are on the less female chovinist site.LOL

Posted by: LW at December 21, 2004 04:25 PM
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