December 16, 2004

Back To School

Well the Artist has headed out the door, and the Monkey is eating breakfast; back to school after Chanukah vacation!

I hate that. I love having them home, sleeping late, hanging about in their p.js. I miss them when they aren't here.

I admit it; I wish they were still homeschooling; they are happy in school now, so that won't be and, in this area, that would be counterproductive. They would never learn Hebrew if they weren't in school. But I miss the sounds of them being about; squabbling, laughing playing. I miss seeing them tucked into a corner of the couch reading or gathered together watching a program on t.v., or playing together on the floor. I miss the minor interactions, the calls for a glass of water, a little one cuddling on my lap, annoying me while I play a game, or calling me over to read something they've written or see something they have done.

When they are in school too much of the time they are home is spent in business; homework, getting ready for the next day, getting ready for bed, getting ready for school. It is rush, rush, rush.

It is easier geting work down when the aren't home. It is also lonlier.

Posted by Rachel Ann at December 16, 2004 06:12 AM

I know what you mean.It gives me the chills just to think about if mine weren't home.Its not that I can't let go,I still put all of mine through private pre-k,its three hours a day and helos a bit in getting errands done.Unlike many people,I also like(most of the time) to take my kids to the store.I don't like beeing alone and love having someone to talk to.On occation,I wish them away,thats when I shut myself off from everything,crawl behind my laptop and do my thing.
Once,in April,Jim and a friend took all 5 boys (our three and their two)overnight to a lake cabin.I didn't know what to do!The house was empty and was weird!
One always wishes for it,but when you have it,you don't enjoy it very long.
I went to New Orleans in June to party and as much as I wanted to be there,I wanted to be back home.
People like you and I are unique and considered crazy I guess.LOL
Sometimes people ask me why I would homeschool,deliberatly never want a break and wanting the kids 24/7 arround me.Its easy,I didn't put them on this globe to send them off and have someone else raise them,when I have a choice.It hurts Moms every day to put their little ones on the bus to school.Get a clue..nature is giving you a sign that its not good for you or you would feel good about it.Yes,you get over it,but honestly...I don;t want to get over that wonderfull feeling of beeing able to NOT have to send them.I love it!
What would I be without my kids....probably some bitter old lady working her butt off to pay her bills.LOL

Posted by: LW at December 16, 2004 03:45 PM
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