December 10, 2004

Food Glorious Food

And shelter, and clean clothes and all those basic items of life that we deem important. It is reather embarrasing to write these words after my last post, with its complaint about immediate gratification.

There are people in Israel who are hungry, and without the basics of life-- a refrigerator, or a bed, a hot meal; Meir Panimprovides these items for the indigent, quite a bit more; providing as well such services as legal counseling and health care tailored to those who have difficulty navigating through the normal health services.

This is another great organization well worth one's consideration. I realize I tend to beg a lot for these various charities; I don't expect anyone (save for perhaps Donald Trump who isn't reading this post anyway) to donate to all of them. But there are so many to choose from; choose one or two, a few dollars here and there, and you may very well end up saving a world, a hero without ever knowing it.

Posted by Rachel Ann at December 10, 2004 07:58 AM
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