December 06, 2004

Rode the Wave!

After my daughter's birthday party I went here with a group of women from the Yishuv (settlement). I almost backed out, to tell the truth, a big party, a mess, and probably a headache and I just wasn't in the mood to step out the door; step into a hot bath more likely! I was kind of guilted into going. Though I had heard nothing but praise for this acting troupe, I had my reservations. It was a Yishuv production!, put on by a bunch of moms , regular work-a-day women and children. I could expect entertainment, yes, a few hours free of children I needed to mind and worry over; but a professional production? One I'd end up singing the praises about? A pleasant evening was in store for me, nothing more.


I was overcome with the spirit of the group as well as their professionalism. This wasn't a slapped together production, which one viewed with good humor. It was overwhelming fantastic! If they have a play next year, I'm going, and bringing my daughter, and if I can convince her to come to Israel during Chanukah time, my mom (the play is by and for women/girls only). I bought the CD for selfish me--and I'm not the biggest music fan, , and I hope to purchase one for my mother's birthday (like the show the cds are for women only) The singing is incredible, the acting phenomenal; everything on target.

The production company started in reaction to terrorist attacks on the communities in the Gush; after the mourning the women got together to try and think what to they could do to battle the emotional reperecussions of living in terror. A play was the answer. They began with "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, slated to run for three performances; instead it ran for 11 shows and they even took their production to the Women's Caucus of the Knesset, as well as doing segments on a well known children's show.

The second production, called Esther and the Secrets in the King's Court played 21 times and the CD was a smash hit! The first year I was here it was the music to get on everyone's lips.

If you are a woman or girl in Israel, go see the play! Any child capable of sitting quietly for a few hours will enjoy this production. And if you can't get here, do the next best thing: get the CD. Honestly, you won't regret it. (And no, I"m not connected to the group in any way, aside from being of the same religion!)

I'm still on a high from seeing the show.

Posted by Rachel Ann at December 6, 2004 01:14 PM

They are professionals in terms of what they demand from themselves. That's just the people they are, very talented. G-d willing I'll be going with a group from here next Sunday. I presume it'll be mobbed.

Posted by: muse at December 6, 2004 03:50 PM
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