December 02, 2004

Funky Socks

Well, she is right! Funky socks can make a body happy.

I accompanied the above friend on an errand to a place I hadn't been in before. After she was through with her tasks she asked me if I wanted to stop in this little clothing store: "They have some nice stuff and the prices aren't too bad." Why not? I shrugged. I had some minutes to kill.

It is quite a cute little store, with a curtained off area in one corner for trying on clothes. It was larger than expected, the store being out in the middle of nowhere really---surrounding the store were mostly businesses and doctors offices and the like---and they did have some nice stuff, and the prices weren't bad, just over my head at this point.

And there were these funky socks.-stripped, and stripped with hearts in lots of colors. Immediately her post on HOUSE OF JOY came to my mind.

"Hey look", I said, pointing the socks out to her "your funky socks." Then we went on to look at the skirts and the shirts gabbing about this and that.

But I kept going back to the socks. "Would they fit me?" I'm still a bit in the dark about Israeli sizes vs. American sizes---the store keeper compared my foot to hers and said she fit into the larger size, and as our feet were about the same size, so would I.

But 12 shek? Could I justify it?

"Oh go ahead" my friend insisted, pulling out a pair with purple and yellow stripes and pretty pink hearts, "see, these match your purple sweater!" The two purples matched perfectly. Now, I'd have to be a complete and utter fool to try and argue with logic such as that. *

Got home and pulled off my boring black socks and put the hearts and stripes on. And smiled. They warmed my feet and my heart, and every time I see my feet I start smiling again. Cost, 12 shek. Effect, priceless.

Like my friend said, she has begun a new trend.

She also has a new career in sales.

Posted by Rachel Ann at December 2, 2004 03:42 PM
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