November 28, 2004

Hey Teach!!!!

I am really enjoying my third grade English class and, well I'm going to brag a bit here; I really did well today! On Sundays I have the five girls, who are on varying levels, for only 40 minutes or so; it really isn't possible to divide the class and teach two different classes in that time period. So, so, so, what could I do with one child who couldn't speak English well, two who couldn't read well, three who could both read and spell well, that would be fun for all, and educational.

We played a game. What is this? BUT in Hebrew and English-- fruits and veggies, today, followed by a handout, which was suppose to be done at home but ended up being done in class. If the mostly English speaking didn't know a Hebrew word for a particular item they asked the mainly Hebrew speaking; vice versa for the mostly Hebrew speaking. It was fun, a bit out of control at times, but they learned, worked together, and helped each other. The second game I chose didn't work as well (spelling words with letter cubes) but it was passable.

The lesson plan worked. I came home elated.

I mainly used the pictures from ENCHANTED LEARNING, but I could use other sets of items (occupations, plants, things to use in the home or school, various clothing etc,) if anyone knows of additional sites which have aggregates of particular items to print out I would be most appreciative.

I think I found a new talent.

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 28, 2004 01:11 PM

What's the Hebrew word for "YAY!" :)

Posted by: Tuning Spork at November 28, 2004 09:23 PM
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