November 22, 2004

Strengthen The Good-English Lessons

As an English teacher to English speaking children in a school system where there is a dearth of books suitable for my crew, I can tell you how difficult the lack of books makes my task. Everything has to be purloined; from the web, from books on hand, from half-filled in workbooks that another child has used.

And finding a reading book for the children on their level? This is a task indeed.

Yet I am lucky; we do have a library here, I have my own set of books, and the school has a couple of shelves of books, which has a few books for the girls I teach; can you imagine trying to teach without any books? Strenghten the Good highlights one such school where that is the situation. A new school in Bratislava, Slovakia where the name of the game is to teach the teenagers---who are quite enthusiastic and want to learn---English and American studies. What do they need?

Books. More than I do, and I am never ashamed to beg for books! There is a list on the Strengthen the Good site of books they are looking for, but they are looking for other books as well. If it struck a chord in your heart it is sure to stimulate the interest of someone else. And if you haven't read the book in yeas, well what are you waiting for? Share the wealth and send a book their way.

There was a slight error in writing the address. It should read Benadicka 38; once again, here's the address, corrected.

Douglas Dart
C.S. Lewis Bilingual High School
Benadicka 38
Bratislava 85106
Slovak Republic

Strengthen the Good provides a link to a site where you can calculate shipping and handling costs as well.

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 22, 2004 02:58 PM

Thank you for the info . . .

You might be interested in project Gutenberg --

The site features an assortment of books with expired copyrights free via Adobe Acrobat online, including the Oz books, among others.

Posted by: Anne at November 22, 2004 10:10 PM

My apologies. I made a small mistake on the address of the school when I sent the infomation to STG. It should be:

Benadicka 38

NOT Benadicka 38/A

Thank you for featuring us. You're very kind.


Posted by: Douglas Dart at November 23, 2004 10:46 AM

is this Mr. Dart??

Posted by: Cat at December 1, 2004 07:46 AM

Yes, this is Mr. Dart who taught at HHS last year. Is that you Cat?

Posted by: Douglas Dart at December 13, 2004 09:28 AM
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