November 15, 2004

If Your Screen is like a Spiderweb

Know it is me, bashing my head against the computer screen.


I went today with a wonderful plan to fill the hour of learning.
First I was going to have everyone introduce themselves to me.
Then I was going to read Trumpet of the Swan. I was going to read the back of the book, the front cover, talk about the picture on the cover, talk about the inside pages, read the first chapter. I estimated 10-15 minutes spent on that.
Then I was going to have the children narrate back to me what went on in the story.
Another 10 minutes.
With leftover time we were going to talk about the story a bit more; how the story related to our life. Had anyone used a compass (a compass is mentioned in the story). Would you be able to keep the nest a secret? Are you like Sam? Do you like keeping things to yourself? I was going to show them all the pictures of a Trumpet Swan; ask them if they remembered what the name of a baby swan was called, tell them the male and female names of a swan. Show them a map of Canada and Montana.

In otherwise. I HAD A PLAN>

BANG BANG the plan is dead. Owing to a change in schedule. Which I obviously dind't know about.


I might not have a two hour class on Thursday which would blow the teach each child individually out the wall, and might just make it impossible for me to teach at all because there is no way that a child who has been reading English since she was four and a child who is just beginning to read can be taught everything the same. They need individual instruction; it is unfair to the children to try and teach them the same reading, spelling and writing course, and it would be irresponsible of me as a teacher to make any sort of promise that I could help the girls progress and develop under such conditions. Under the given circumstances the most I could offer the girls would be ten minutes of individual work in reading, spelling and writing. I can't act that irresponsibly.

I'm going go hold my head under the water for a few minutes here so my screams don't destroy the hearing of everyone within a hundred kilometers of here.

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 15, 2004 02:01 PM

Multi-level teaching is definitely possible. In rural America it was the rule, not the exception, until fairly recently. I'm not sure what the process is but I'm sure you can get some info on the web.

Don't get frustrated, get moving! ;-)

Posted by: Jim at November 15, 2004 04:02 PM

Cheer up! You're on me-ander!

Posted by: muse at November 15, 2004 07:54 PM
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