November 06, 2004

She's Going Places!

The Monkey: Can I have a banana?
Me: They aren't ripe yet. They are still green. You won't like it.
Monkey, grabbing one anyway: "Yes I will."
Me: "No you won't. Trust me. They are green. They are not ripe. They do not taste very good. You will not like it."
Monkey, insistent "YES I WILL!!!" She takes banana and starts opening it.
Me, getting frustrated: "We don't have money to waste. If you take that and you don't eat it you won't get bedtime snack. Do you understand?"
Monkey: "Yes. I will like it."
I open it for her and she takes a bite. Makes a face and hands it to me and says
"I guess I don't want bedtime snack today!"
(wait a few minutes)
"But can I have a sucking candy to take away the taste? It isn't bedtime snack!!!!"

(Hard nosed mom made her take away the taste with water. I know. I'm eeeeeeevil.)

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 6, 2004 07:02 PM

Eheheh we had one left over banana on the counter all week. Every day DH tells DD, "If you are hungry, eat the banana" She replies "it is too old". He tells her "No, it has one more day on it". This goes on for four days, DD telling him each day that he said that yesterday. Finally on it's last legs, DH eats it himself. Maybe you had to be there, but it was funny, we both have banana stories this week! Hope you had a peaceful Sabbath.

Posted by: renee wirick at November 7, 2004 05:20 AM
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