November 04, 2004

Hope it is True

And Arafat has departed from this planet on a fast train to hell

Yeah they are denying it, but I can hope.

I read it on Dean's World first.

I am glad. He has the blood of so many people on his hands; Jew and Arab and Christian and Muslim and French and American.

As far as I'm concerned a monster is or soon will be dead, and hopefully soon his body will be as rotten as his soul.

NOTE: Dh just told me there is a statement in Psalms that states we shouldn't rejoice over the death of our enemy. I don't know. If that applies to Arafat I'm going to have a very difficult time not cheering.

Dh wishes him a long coma. I could go for that as well.

I guess I have got a real mean streak in me.

Posted by Rachel Ann at November 4, 2004 06:30 PM

"When your enemy falls, be not glad; and when he stumbles, let your heart not be joyous. Lest God see and it displease Him and He will turn His wrath from him [to you]." (Proverbs 24:17-18; Avot 4:24)

Posted by: Diane at November 4, 2004 10:12 PM

Diane, nice. He was not a good man yet it is not our place to revel in him nor condem him. Let God do as he will and let US rejoyce in that alone.


Posted by: Lane at November 5, 2004 02:41 AM
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