October 29, 2004

Parenting Quiz

When is the best time to wash your floors? I mean to thoroughly wash your floors; scrub them with a scrub brush, rinse with water, dry with a cloth till they are sparkling clean and like new!!!

1. In the morning when all the children are off at school.
2. At night, when all the children are asleep.
3. Ten minutes before your five year old breaks a bottle on the floor sending sticky purple grape juice cascading across the floor, fifteen minutes before all the lights go out because there is a storm and there is a tendency to have mini blackouts when there is rain and lightening, and you now have to find candles in the dark as you pick your way over the hopefully glass free flour, and 1 hr before your almost 11 year old throws up in the bathroom right in front of the toilet!

I'm not sure which was more fun. Searching for little bits of glass or swiping up partially digested bits of veggie hotdogs from the hasn't been wased in a week floor.

Remind me why I want to do this again?
(um, you didn't have any trouble finding the right answer did you?)

Posted by Rachel Ann at October 29, 2004 07:20 AM

Oh poor you! What a nightmare. This reminds me of a time B.C,(Before Children), when I dropped a plate loaded with food on the kitchen floor. I had the luxury of sloping off to bed and waiting till morning to deal with it :-)

Posted by: Sally at October 29, 2004 10:11 AM

HUGS! I completely understand what you went through there! I just want to encourage you. Some day when they are all gone, and your house is spotless clean, you will miss every second of it!

Posted by: Angie at October 29, 2004 03:38 PM

Sorry, I'm still chuckling! Sounds way too familiar!!!

Posted by: Andrea at October 29, 2004 09:16 PM

Mine are all grown. I still have this problem!

Posted by: sol at October 30, 2004 09:06 PM
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