October 20, 2004

RunTime Error

RUNTIME ERROR! Improper termination of program

I keep getting this message when I try and read my e-mail. It only occurs for some e-mails., especially one group. Advice? It is driving me crazy. I have tried to find solutions on the net and found some sites but they haven't been helpful to me.

Posted by Rachel Ann at October 20, 2004 06:27 AM

If you use WindowsXP or Windows200 and are running under a user login instead of an administrator (a very good safety measure) it's quite possible an email-borne malicious script or virus is trying to run, and being refused access rights (see, I said it was a good thing!) and crashing.

Do you get any information about what runtime error is occurring? What email program are you using?

Feel free to email if you'd like a little help tracking it down.


Posted by: Light & Dark at October 20, 2004 08:03 AM
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