October 19, 2004

dadadada dadadada daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Otherwise know Twilight Zone song.

And here's the question:
Which Twilight Zone show gave you the creeps for life?

Mine was the cornfield one. You know the one: creepy ultra-powerful brat.

I think the author must have had a phobia for Jack-in-the-boxes. I certainly never got one for my kids. And I won't get one for my grandkids.

I think the author also feared kids.

I saw the particular show once. And only once. And I won't see it ever again.

Room for One More Honey was also scary. NOT recommended for those who already have a fear of flying.

So what T.Z. show haunts your nightmares?
And I have no idea why I was thinking about this today.

Posted by Rachel Ann at October 19, 2004 02:57 PM

The one where the young cuople is stranded in a town when the car breaks down and thye go into a diner and there is a fortune telling machine on the table and all the fortunes it dispenses keep happening, becauthe the guy thinks they will happen. That one creeps me out!!

Posted by: renee wirick at October 20, 2004 08:45 PM

Oh, that is a good one! (btw, I'm sort of behind in my letter writing. I'm sorry. I'll try and get to you next week.)

Posted by: Rachel Ann at October 20, 2004 09:06 PM

A post to bring me out of lurkerdom.

My DH and I refer to Anthony frequently - obviously the show made a big impression on us.

We also like Willoughby.

Yeah, we're strange.

Posted by: fayge at October 22, 2004 02:28 PM
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