August 30, 2004

Changing Seasons.

Last night as I walked the dog I noticed a fine mist on our neighbors car; could it be they just washed the car that evening and, as happens in desert areas, where when the sun goes down the earth cools, the car simply didn't have time to dry?
But no, the next car, and the next car, and the next, all were beaded with moisture. This morning too; moisture. The begining of a new season.

There are other changes for our household:

Today my oldest son, the Wit, is going for his psychological testing prior to entering the army. The time when he dons the uniform of the Israeli army comes closer; and yes I'm scared. But not only is it a duty, it is true heroism. Without these men and women in uniform we would not survive.

This afternoon is my last afternoon working for the autistic child; it was a hard decision to make, but the hour wasn't good--dinner time,, and it was having a negative impact on my children. There were other frustrations as well, that I won't ennumerate. I feel bad; but they will find another person, and the sad fact is I just don't matter to the child.

The Artist and the Monkey both start school tomorrow; new teacher for the Artist but the Monkey has the same teacher as last year, which is good. I think this year will be easier on them both; the Artist is making other friends now, and she has picked up a bit of Hebrew. I'm hoping she makes friends other than just the English speakers; she has become too dependent on them for friendship and thus isn't learning Hebrew as fact as she could. I will miss them both during the days; I am not one of those moms who are happy to see their kids go off to school; I've always hated the begining of fall with homeworks and schedules and the hours separated from my kids.

The Agent is going to be taking courses to get his GED. Advice I have for children coming into Israel who are in high school? Arrange a high school first. We thought it would be better to be here and find a place but it never worked out correctly. So two days a week he will be having a class in how to take the GED, then he will, G-d willing, get his GED, then it is off to the Army for him as well. By the end of the year I am most likely to have both my boys in the army. Yeah, my stomach is in knots.

I will be working four hours on Thursdays now, instead of two hours on Thursdays and two on Fridays; one two hour session right on top of the other. I'm trying to keep my work days limited to three days a week, because my house has been so badly neglected, and with my husband's hours, he really can't lend much of a hand.

So there is my fall and most likely winter. A bit of good a bit of hope, a bit of fear.

Posted by Rachel Ann at August 30, 2004 04:59 AM

I know there is so much pride involved with having your child in the IDF butI would be on pins and needles the entire time.Is it 3 or 4 years?
To have 2 sons at the same time....I don't know how parents do it. I know there is no choice. The country needs to have a strong army at all times and the IDF is one kick ass army to be sure.
My heart goes out to you.

Good for you for rearranging your schedule to better suit your family. That's the most important thing.

Lillianna starts school tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. We have fun together. Even if I am writing and she is playing in the other room, we constantly reconnect by hugging and snuggling all the time. I miss that when she is in school. Good to know I am not the only mom who feels like this!

Posted by: Robin P at August 30, 2004 04:44 PM
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