August 23, 2004

You Can Get Anything (almost) You Want at M. C's Store

Walk right in it's round the back, just a few steps from the Ma~ko~let!
And you really can get practically anything you can think of.
The other day I was in there for a particular religious book (on ethical speech.) I edge past a box of something and suddenly hear this loud noise beside me. After descending from the ceiling, I turn about to find the culprit.

It was a rabbit. A cute, fluffy black and white rabbit in a cage constructed from a box. "Only 100 skek" I'm told when I enquire about the animal. "With a cage, 150 shek." and I am assured, "He's had all his shots"

Oh, I want him! I tihnk of the Artist who has wanted a rabbit, on and off, for years. She is in the off stage now, and even if she wasn't, if I took him home my dh would have had a cow. I know we have no room for a cow.

But there was the rabbit, tucked in between some silver knickknacks and besides the shelf full of books. There are bins of candy; the kind one use to buy for a penny, here it is a couple of shek. Licorice wrapped about a second type of candy, chewy squares.

There are baby items and kitchen ware, papers, pens, paints, dolls, candles, clocks, mirrors, toys, books and religious items.

There are birds (and now at least one rabbit), utility knives, sponges, and toilet paper.

There are grills and hair supplies, shampoo and stickers.

You name it, he's got it.

It is the funkiest store I have ever entered; fun to be in, fun to shop from. You never know what he'll have in stock. And he is a wonderful man.

The only problem is trying to find him open. Supposedly he is open after 4. I've gone there "after 4" and he isn't open. The only day I'm told he is there is Friday, in the morning. Technically that is after four on Thursday, but it is a way of keeping time that I'm just not use to!

This is sort of a sideline store; his main store is somewhere in Jerusalem, and dthat is where his main focus must remain. It is basically a gift to our Yishuv that he is open at all. But it is somewhat frustrating; especially when you are waiting on a few items that he promised to try and order for you.

I guess I just have to develop a bit more patience.

And if you ever come visit me I'll take you there to visit, on Friday morning, so I'll know you have a chance to buy a little something, and enjoy just roaming the aisles.

Posted by Rachel Ann at August 23, 2004 09:50 PM
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