August 20, 2004

Entrance of My Past-Life Lover

So I'm helping out a friend with a bit of fine hand work the other day; this is the day I am also all set to go for a wedding; the son of a good friend, and my first Israeli wedding. I had cleared my calendar, switched my afternoon work. Boy, was I hyped.

But first I had this little emergency to take care of. And it took delicate handiwork. Repteitive, delicate, handywork.

Did I ever mention I suffered from carpal tunnel in the past (Thank you G-d for accupuncture!) And I guess this delicate, repetivive handiwork tickled my brains bad humor and it sent me a twinge in the back. Ouch. Okay, ignore that. But then antoher one came, and another one came. Soon I'm doing the labor-woman breath: pwhh, pwwhh! No help. My back is getting very angry. I stopped, lie down on the ground a moment (really looks sophisticated to speard yourself on someone's porch. "Hit! Didn't you know proch lying was the latest fad?" Didn't do much good. I try working again, interspersed with wacky motions of back and arms, and lying on the floor and two ibruprofens; spasms are coming on strong. If I were a laboring woman I'd be nudging my dh and going "It's time!" But there would be no blessing at the end of this battle and while I tried to work it was just getting ridiculous. I was spending more time on the floor than on the work. It hurt to move, it hurt to stay still. I had a few seconds of releif and then BAM! Something grabbed the nerves in my back and pulled! Finally I had to leave.

Angry, humilated, guilty---I like helping, I like the feeling of it, but it was a no go-- I head home, phoning the Agent and telling him; KEEP THE BATHROOM CLEAR. I was headed for a hot bath.

This will do the trick. This HAD to do the trick. I couldn't picture myself riding in a car the way I was feeling. I wouldn't be able to maintain any position. NO! NO! NO!

Hot water. Ease myself in. Close my eyes to try and relax a bit. My emotions weren't helping my back any.

I'm just starting to relax a little when BANG! I look up and see the shadow of a bird in the window. Pebbled window for modesty's sake.

"Absurd bird." I think. I close my eyes and again BANG! What?

And I think back to a little incident with an e-mail friend. She had this bird keep banging agains ther window too. What was going on she asked? Me, being weird as usual wrote back "It is a past-life lover my dear. You rejected him. He no longer wanted to be human, but he sought you out and he has forgotten he's a bird! In his next life he'll be a moth."

Well it looks like my past-life lover was paying me a visit too.

After about the fifth bash his head against the window I started feeling a bit
weird. Apparently my past life lover was not only stupid and absurd but a perv.

No wonder I ditched him.

My back wasn't getting better and absurd bird was getting on my nerves. Out of the tub, down two more ibruprofen, slather on ben gay, try and lie down, try and walk around, a glass a wine. Finally a nap.

Woke up as if from a drugged sleep, which I guess it was, but the back pain and the bird were gone.

Wedding was lovely.

But if I see that bird again, I'm gonna kill him. Moth's are less noisy and messy.

Posted by Rachel Ann at August 20, 2004 04:12 PM


Nice finish to the story! :-)

Posted by: Jim at August 20, 2004 04:47 PM

Yep, great story! And hot baths never helped my backpain either. I don't it has much effect of nerves. Hot baths are AWESOME for muscle aches though, like when your legs and back are sore from walking for an hour all tensed up because it's 2 degrees F with 20-below windchills.

Posted by: Tuning Spork at August 21, 2004 07:48 PM

What is good for spasms then? Anyone have any suggestions? I clean for money; if my back isn't working neither am I. Hints, sugggestions? Directions to a back store?

Posted by: Rachel Ann at August 22, 2004 05:35 PM
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