August 17, 2004

Back to School

So we, as in the love bugs, well the two young ones anyway, me and the dh all went into Jerusalem for back to school shopping; Martys for shoes for the two girls (140 shek for two pair of sandals, not bad!) a new tik (knapsack) on wheels for The Artist, and of course Bazaar Strauss.

Bazaar Strauss is the place to go if you want a serious headache for just a teensy tiny place. Consider the store uncrowded if you are able to move from one side to the other and only have to say "sleicha! (excuse me) five or six times. There is no such thing as a quiet mode. No changing rooms that I know of (maybe they are there but I am not looking for them!) and stacks and racks of clothes for bargain basement prices. No serious clothes shopping trip can take place without a stop at Bazaar Strauss. This trip I netted two pairs of light pajamas for the Artisit and a few things for me; under 50 shek. When your outgo isn't matching up at all to your income, this is good news.. Pizza, a large portion of which was fed to my youngegst shirt, and home again.

4 hours, and about 350 shek later we are home.

And I have to make supper and go back to work.
That's life!

Posted by Rachel Ann at August 17, 2004 02:16 PM

Oh but Bazaar Strauss is worth it. You can try the one in Talpiot if the one on Rechov Strauss is too much of a hassle. It's much bigger.

Posted by: Kin at August 28, 2004 10:58 PM
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