August 16, 2004

What the ?!!!

Maybe Ca. needs an intelligence test before hiring their bus drives.
via Zero Intelligence.

First-grader Sarah Macias told the bus driver the stop at Mango and Walnut avenues in Fontana. Calif., wasn't hers, but the driver told her to get off along an open field where there were few homes and no stores. It was her first bus ride.

Look, moron; a first grader knows their own house. And even if you thought she was just confused SHOULDN'T YOU HAVE CALLED AND CHECKED??? Did you see a mom or dad or sitter waiting for the child? You would want this to happen to someone you loved?

Claudia Walker of Rialto spotted the frightened girl and took her to the Fontana Police Department. The girl's parents were called and they were reunited an hour later.

Thank you Claudia Walker; thank you for being there and caring and doing what others should have done and didn't. It is nice to know there are sensible, good hearted, responsible people in the world.

The August 4 incident, which was made public on Thursday, occurred at the end of the second day of school when Sarah was instructed by a teacher to follow girls boarding a bus. Sarah's shoe fell off, however, and she got distracted and boarded the wrong bus.

The girl says she was told to get off when the bus reached its last stop.

Moron number 2. Teachers, you are responsible for those children from the time they get to school till they leave. It was her second day at school YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE EACH CHILD IS ON THE RIGHT BUS! It is your business.

When my son was young and in school, we had a similar incident. The school called me and said "Is your son home yet?" "No" I replied, "He was suppose to have detention" (they were handing out detention for everything, from missing homework to acting silly in class) "He's suppose to be with you!" (the bus hasn't even reached home yet. "Where is my child?" This is about 45 minutes after school has ended btw.

I had no car, and couldn't leave the house anyway (in case he showed up.) I waited 15 more minutes for him and the bus to come, sick with worry the whole time.

What happened? He asked his teacher where he should go for detention and his teacher said "Go home." well, since she was the one who did it, he figured he had to wait another day and went home.

Then the school complained to me about his leaving. LISTEN YOU DIMWITS ; YOU LOST MY SON!

45 minutes could have made the difference between life and death. He was fine, but what if something else had happened? Wait 45 minutes to tell me? FIND THE BUS. SEE IF HE IS ON IT.

Don't mess with me when it comes to my kids.

Posted by Rachel Ann at August 16, 2004 12:29 PM

Don't even get me started Rachel Ann!!!! This makes me so mad. The reason first graders aren't left home alone at that age is because THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH!Right? You don't leave your 7 year old at home and say, "Be back soon. You know what to do." NO THEY DON'T!! They're CHILDREN! They need adults to supervise them. Teachers are supposed to watch them when they are in school. It's their job!!!
If that had been MY child, I would have made sure everyone who was at fault was reprimanded. It's a HUGE deal when an adult is irresponsible with a child. The child said she didn't live there. The bus driver should've checked that out like you said. What heartless idiot would leave a baby out in an open area without her parents????? The driver needs to apologize and be punished.

Posted by: Robin P at August 17, 2004 12:55 AM

Ok, that was frightening. So much for "responsible adults".

Posted by: RP at August 17, 2004 02:19 AM

They're not releasing the bus driver's name for his own safety. If it was my kid, well... think Marsallis Wallace and "a couple of hard, pipe-hittin' [friends] with a pair of pliers and a blow-torch."

Posted by: FrumDad (Orthodox Jewish Father) at August 17, 2004 11:15 PM
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